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Goodbye my room!


well, I’ve been neglecting my blog for some time hehe
I actually thinking of updating it a few times already but I have no idea what to write about

I arrived in Malaysia on Sunday and since then, I’ve been away from my laptop lol
from London, my flight was at 10pm but I was there around 4pm since I got kicked out from the place I stayed in haha
I had to checked out at 12 to be exact, but I told them I’d be out later since I was going straight to the airport
here are some pictures of my empty room and kitchen 😦

even though I hate all the noises there – seriously, it was DAMN NOISY! I’d miss that place
I was in another room before this for… 2 years? I was in a studio flat which had its own kitchen
this year; well for my MSc year, I moved to a smaller room; 3 persons flat with a shared kitchen (each room has its own bathroom)
– the photos aren’t at the right position and such since I made photoshop merge it for me and obviously I didn’t recorrect it hehe
I’m not promoting the place, so heck! 😛


and the corridor!

I bid BYE BYE to that room and place at around 3pm and headed to the airport
I was way too early at the airport so I ended up doing digital painting while waiting for the check in counter to open lol
I had my ears plugged, so I have no idea how many people actually talked to me asking what was I doing, and what is that tablet thingy
I only realised 2 of them did talked to me heeeee~ whoops!

btw, just as a side note, overweight luggage is charged at £40 for 1kg – yes yes for MAS
you’ll get extra 5kg if you have Enrich (25kg is the basic for economy class; so maximum you’ll get is 30kg) and pay for the rest, exceeding 30kg
– do people at the check in counter usually make a fuss of that? no, right? I’ve been flying a lot of times and NEVER been asked to pay extra money
I was rather annoyed at that

aaaaanyway! when I arrived at KLIA, my flight to Alor Setar was delayed! urghhh!! it was delayed for an hour during the London-KL flight as well 😦
so I was working on a new piece of digital painting while waiting for the flight since I had way too much time =.=
I’ll post those up in my next post… probably

I arrived home at around 10pm or so
and for the next few days, I was fooling around with this wonderful gadget…

yeah iPad is just too awesome! no wonder most people got one! that isn’t mine but I buat macam harta sendiri, boleh? hehe
I’m thinking of getting one myself, we’ll see how it goes since I’m penniless atm haha

I was onlining from there as well; games, fb, manga, etc etc
I didn’t turn on my laptop for some days since I got my hands on iPad
reading manga on it, is just too awesome! 😀
I am obsess with it! kyaaaa~


wohoooo!! Merdeka!


I’m done with uni!
I had my viva a few hours ago and w00t! now uni life is over! 😀
I’m hoping that I did alright for the viva earlier, I try not to worry about it since there’s nothing that I could do anymore

so since uni is over, I’ll be going back to Malaysia some time this week 😉
w00t! my raya starts now! 😀 😀

during eid which was yesterday, I was at home since I needed to stay in trouble and just concentrate on my viva which is on the next day hohoho~
so I could only drool while looking at other people’s eid photos especially the food! 😦
I ended up ordering pizza for delivery… again LOL

and… since my family eid theme this year is pink; and by chance, the only baju kurung I have with me is also in pink, I ended up wearing it for 5 mins just for the photo ehe~

here’s yours truly during eid, all by herself lol – I didn’t want to go out actually 😛
tbh, it didn’t feel any different than any other day
so I didn’t really matter much whether it was eid or not 😉

and of course since I have emptied my friends, I have nothing to cook; so food delivery please! 😛
this was my lunch and dinner lol
I’d never want to see pizza ever again! ehe~ konon la kan

let see if I have time to take some photos before going back to Malaysia 😉
I’m meeting up with my friends before I’m going for good 😦

p/s: postcards sent! give it a week to arrive. if it doesn’t arrive, blame post Malaysia. They’re good in losing things, seriously!



what I’ve been up to during the weekend?
actually… I’m going back to Malaysia for… good? maybe not. I still have my phD offer which is for Oct 2012 to think about 😛
but anyway, I am going to be in Malaysia for a few months or years if I were not to study again. Who knows 😉
so I have to move out; kena tendang seyh! plus my visa is expiring soon too lol

it’s so annoying
my hands, arms, shoulder, ache! urgh! and I’m bruising all over as well for being clumsy and tripped down by myself =.=
nothing serious, but that still pissed me off! 😆
the most annoying part is, when taping the boxes in the end, as I was doing it by myself
no one to hold it when I was about to tape it!
you have no idea how many times I had to stop myself from cursing LOL – penat je puasa kalau maki2 plak kan? hohoho sabar je la

oh well, it’s all done now 😀
I need to give away all the stuffs that I’m not shipping back to Malaysia or simply toss it away
my room is practically… empty!
it feels weird 😛

I’d post the photo of my place when I’ve tidy it up ehe~
it’s still a mess even though most stuffs are gone already – I collect rubbish? OMG! lol
I suppose, I’d clean things up tonight before bed time 😉

my room is pretty small, so I put my boxes along the corridor lol
4 boxes of books + lecture notes + exam papers and 2 boxes of miscellaneous

next, gonna toss things away in the kitchen
I’m not gonna cook for the next few days since I’ve emptied my fridge already hehe

this doesn’t feel real!
I’m going back to Malaysia next week! OMG!
but before that, I really need to worry about my viva this 31st
hopefully it goes well, AMIN!

Pizza? YUM!


this is just a random post haha
during the first few days of Ramadhan, I was like… dangg!!! I’m craving for pizza!
of course I got lazy to go out even though there are places just 5 min away walking from my place – psshhh there’s no cure for laziness!
so I went to pizza hut website and that was my first ever ordering food delivery since I usually just suck it up and go have whatever I’d be craving for whenever I’m out (last time… I was craving for GBK burger – Camembert & Cranberry end of last year and I only had it after a few months even though the place is just 10 mins away by tube lol

since I’m having my dissertation soon, there are a lot of things to be done as well, so I’m so not in the mood to even step out of my room
and I don’t sleep during normal hours as well (been awake all night until 7-9am and sleep at 9-1pm or so haha)
I can’t concentrate during the day, I’m pretty much focus during the evening + early morning – burung hantu betul!
it’s hard to stop the work when you’re on a roll, right? 😀

here’s how yours truly desk looks like right now; I did push things aside to give some space for my pizza AHAHAHAH!!

anyway, back to pizza hut!
back in Malaysia, I’d get seriously pissed over ordering pizza over the phone
the last time I ordered, they connected me to KL even though I’m in Kedah; and I had trouble explaining where my house it
oh come on! as if a KLian would know the locations in Kedah! why can’t just the Kedah branch handle the order instead of passing it through KL?
of course I understand it’s about centralizing the order bla… bla… but that’s plain ANNOYING
I’m not sure how it is now since I’d just walk in to the branch near my house; 5 mins away and order right there haha

back to London pizza hut!
I ordered the pizza, of course online la
and I’d say it’s pretty smooth ordering
click click click and there you go!
one of the interesting thing that got me amused for some time is the way the order is placed
hear this hear this…

– which means you can order for tomorrow today! order siap-siap! lol

ain’t it awesome? I wasn’t expecting them to be on time, but seriously they do!
I was specifying that I wanted my pizza to arrive at 8pm and BAM! it really arrived at 8pm – and the pizza was still hot!
I ordered today saying I want my pizza at 5pm and I got it at 5pm! whooooo!

since I was amazed with the service, I went to check how Malaysia pizza hut is
and… as expected, it’s as annoying as hell!
first of all, you HAVE TO REGISTER before anything else
and guess what! it took some time before you get the email saying your registration got through
if I wanted a pizza right then but just registered, there’s no way I’d get my pizza ASAP!
totally a turn off!
I’d rather go off lepak at kedai mamak! hmph!

pizza hut here, in the UK, you register towards the end
and you don’t even need to enter your address! lol
just the postcode
so pretty much they just ask for your name, phone number and postcode and there you go!
you do not need to login when ordering; only in the end when they need your address for delivery

pretty awesome kan? no wonder a lot of people go for delivery!
and whats more, there are awesome offers too!
every Tuesdays, pizza hut has this buy 1 get 1 free deal haha – I am a penniless student 😛

here’s what I got today; 2 large pizza for myself – this will last me a week of pizza! omg!

I was talking to my bro earlier and he was saying that he hasn’t heard of piri piri stuffed crust yet
I supposed it’s coming soon to Malaysia
it tastes pretty good 😀

piri piri stuffed crust

cheesy bites



photo above is the Barts graduation today 😉
(hrmmm… I wonder why the colours turn out a bit yucky in here? it looks good in facebook)
I won’t be posting other photos of the graduation as it’s not mine (unless I get the permission to but I don’t think I’d post if up here)
pray hard that I’ll be graduating this December AMEN!

anyway, it been a while since I last take photos of people (DUH!)
I came to realise that candid, event type, is so not what I’m good in
…just when was the last time I took photos during an event? xD lol
I think, the newest was during my sis friend’s engagement
I didn’t get much practice in it so it’s not my strong point

I suppose that I’d only accept individual photoshoot next time since I have confidence in that
I’d do events if I’m just a backup since I don’t want to spoil someone’s event

anyway, I’d be having individual/group photoshoot this Thursday – I think?
my friends of the same department are graduating! w00t!

DigiPaint – Jinyoung


hopefully that doesn’t scare you 😛
that was supposed to be Jinyoung from the boy group B1A4 (I actually just knew that that is his name even though I’ve been listening to them the day their album came out haha)
their songs are pretty good and catchy
I sort of am a fan of their songs
youtube for OK – the song title if you’re interested
their english pronunciation is bad lol but I’m not one to talk

I was reaaaaaaaaaaaally itching to do digital painting while I was in my exam period
so I ended up packing my wacom in its box and put it away haha
totally took it out the minute I got home from my last exam

anyway, my exams just ended on the 2nd June
so pretty much I’m free now – not really though…
I have 3 months – 10 weeks to be exact to start and finish up with my project + report before I’m done with my course
hopefully everything is going to be fine

I’ll start picking up my camera again soon – butterflies photos soon if I could myself to go out haha
supposedly, I planned to take some photos today but when I went out in the morning, it was too hot! *melts*
so I ended up in my room for the rest of the day – fan on full blast! *ahhh how blissful*
I was like… 10 minutes doing my project stuff, then I’m back in Photoshop with the painting haha
I’m so sure I’m in love with digital painting!

of course I’m not sure if I have the talent for it but I do know that I love doing it
just for the sake of it, here’s the sneak peak of the saved WIP 😛
I really thought I’d take a few days more to finish it; but ended up getting motivated to finish it today heeee~

End of Semester wheeee~


I finally am done with classes now 🙂
and reports! submitted the last one yesterday even though it is due next week haha
wheeeeeeeeee holiday… NOT!
final exams gonna start in May; so I have 1 month to revise all 8 modules urgh!
and right after exams, I’ll have 2 months to start and finish up my project

I told you before that my laptop died right?
I’m rather annoyed with that until now as my project uses several programs that I had installed in that laptop
of course I can reinstall it again but it is such pain in the ass! I don’t mind if it’s straight forward stuffs but…. urghhh!!
installing ns2 is confusing; I was trying to install it earlier until I got an error somewhere lol

I’m so so so so sooooo glad that when I was doing my FYP last year, instead of having a soft copy, I also have a hard copy of the steps, installation, errors, codes written in my log book
I can only hope that I got everything written down or… well if not, I need to figure things out somehow haha

tbh, I’m worried about my project; I chosen to do Energy Efficient VoIP – something like Skype but not quite it – more of… how to have clearer voice call sort of thing
my last project was on wired network, but this time I’m going for wireless
so there would be some differences in the parameter settings and more! 2 months is like… omg so short!

anyway, I’ll worry about my project once exams are over heeeeee~
8 modules to revise… that totally is a lot! OMOOOOOOOOOO~
I totally need to keep counting down the days before the exams since it feels like I’m not yet in revision/exams mode
I’ll have fun this week going out during the day and revise at night (since I can mess up my sleeping time to the max! NGIAHAHAHAHAHAH)

here are some photos that I took earlier at Victoria Park
I’m so rusty in taking photos now! urghhhhh!!!!!! 😦

too bad the park is partly closed for… upgrading? hrm… that’s not the right word lol
there aren’t that many flowers blooming there
I suppose, I’d go check out Kensington Garden and Regents Park some time this week
or… I might go to London Zoo instead since the weather been pretty good lately (12-15 degrees!)
errrrrr it’s possible that I’ll be home all the time as well BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! 😛