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Paint paint paiiiiinnt~


SHINee’s fan anyone?
I do like their songs and the clumsy, aDORKable Onew heeeeeeee~
I was bored and had too much free time (not really, but I just wanted to slack off hehe) so I ended up with this!

It’s not a new piece; I was working on it on the day I arrived in Malaysia… an hour before my flight to Alor Setar haha
yes yes, I was doing the line art and painted the eyes at KLIA =.=
that showed how bored I was 😛

It’s not completed yet; still need more touch up to be done
and… I might leave the hair part till the end since I’m bad in it lol

here’s how I did it
… I talked in such a confusing manner LOL
hopefully it makes sense xD

and here’s the result of the work in progress up till the end of the video 😉
I’m not sure when I’ll be finishing this heeeeeee~
The whole processes which you can see from the video took me nearly an hour 😛
take note that I’m not done yet with the lips part since I’ve forgotten how to do it properly, so I need to refer to some tutorials lol

DigiPaint – Jinyoung


hopefully that doesn’t scare you 😛
that was supposed to be Jinyoung from the boy group B1A4 (I actually just knew that that is his name even though I’ve been listening to them the day their album came out haha)
their songs are pretty good and catchy
I sort of am a fan of their songs
youtube for OK – the song title if you’re interested
their english pronunciation is bad lol but I’m not one to talk

I was reaaaaaaaaaaaally itching to do digital painting while I was in my exam period
so I ended up packing my wacom in its box and put it away haha
totally took it out the minute I got home from my last exam

anyway, my exams just ended on the 2nd June
so pretty much I’m free now – not really though…
I have 3 months – 10 weeks to be exact to start and finish up with my project + report before I’m done with my course
hopefully everything is going to be fine

I’ll start picking up my camera again soon – butterflies photos soon if I could myself to go out haha
supposedly, I planned to take some photos today but when I went out in the morning, it was too hot! *melts*
so I ended up in my room for the rest of the day – fan on full blast! *ahhh how blissful*
I was like… 10 minutes doing my project stuff, then I’m back in Photoshop with the painting haha
I’m so sure I’m in love with digital painting!

of course I’m not sure if I have the talent for it but I do know that I love doing it
just for the sake of it, here’s the sneak peak of the saved WIP 😛
I really thought I’d take a few days more to finish it; but ended up getting motivated to finish it today heeee~

Jae Wonnaaaaaa~


it seems like I’m making it a habit to paint once a week 😆
not that I’m forcing myself to do it, it’s just that… I feel like doing it 😛
I still am struggling with giving life to the eyes and lips! and hair!
and this was my first try with teeth! it’s hard! urghhhh~

and that painting is supposed to be Kim Jae Won
he just got discharged from the army duty on the 24th

I was (YES WAS!) a fan of his adorable baby face 😛 haha
seriously, can you even resist? lol his innocent acting in My Love Patzzi!
I totally feel like patting his head! haha
it would be nice if he would appear in Happy Together or even Star King! or We Got Married even though he’s too old for that kekeke~