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Hazelnut white coffee YUM!


…while you’re at it, be a fan of Noradila Photography

it has been a while since I last take proper pictures of people – errr not really?
I took some photos of my friend graduation back in… July which I haven’t post the photos here yet
I haven’t got the time to touch up it a bit; my friend is satisfied with the raw photos when I gave it after the event as I was busy preparing for my MSc project
so I am in no rush for it 😉
either way, I’ll put up some of it in my fanpage some other time soon. I only uploaded a few of it in my facebook album as a preview 😛

aaaaaaaanyway! I went out with my sis a few days ago and finally! I got my hands on my camera after sooooo long abandoning it
sorry baby! I still love you super duper much even though I do want to upgrade to another model teheeeeee~
my bro been using my camera, so I haven’t really gone into snapping non stop mode yet. Soon, I suppose?

Even though Alor Setar is small, there are still a lot of places that would be interesting as the backdrop
there are a few places I have in mind plus some other locations that I’d like to experimenting at, but it all depend on the weather – been raining a lot lately

I was at Alor Setar Mall a few days ago and ended up photoshooting at the Georgetown White Coffee
ohmai~ I love coffee! hazelnut white coffee is just too awesome for words!

I wanted to try cafe photoshoot but well, it’s Alor Setar! as if you could find nice looking cafe that easily
there are some nice one; but not as what I have in mind
maybe I should drive up to Jitra, Sungai Petani or Penang next time?

the photoshoot was only for a few minutes haha – well… test shots to be exact since it has been a while since I last use my 50mm lens to shot portraiture
… the result shots aren’t bad IMO

here goes! 😉
these photos are in my facebook page

alright! done with this post! 🙂
what should I talk about in my next post?
reminiscing of the past maybe? my random digital painting? or new photos from the photoshoot if I have any? heeeeeeeeee~
we’ll see 😉

btw, the postcards that I sent not long ago should have arrived (or maybe sometime this week?)
I’ve received mine yesterday (or was it the day before? gah!)

Photo Update #5


when was the last time I converted photos to black and white?
it feels like aaaaaaages ago! HAH!

anyway, old photo again
it’s in my fb ages ago heeee~

btw, 2 more weeks; 3 more exams to go
I might not post anything anymore until it’s June
no more processed photo left in my draft 😦