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Hazelnut white coffee YUM!


…while you’re at it, be a fan of Noradila Photography

it has been a while since I last take proper pictures of people – errr not really?
I took some photos of my friend graduation back in… July which I haven’t post the photos here yet
I haven’t got the time to touch up it a bit; my friend is satisfied with the raw photos when I gave it after the event as I was busy preparing for my MSc project
so I am in no rush for it 😉
either way, I’ll put up some of it in my fanpage some other time soon. I only uploaded a few of it in my facebook album as a preview 😛

aaaaaaaanyway! I went out with my sis a few days ago and finally! I got my hands on my camera after sooooo long abandoning it
sorry baby! I still love you super duper much even though I do want to upgrade to another model teheeeeee~
my bro been using my camera, so I haven’t really gone into snapping non stop mode yet. Soon, I suppose?

Even though Alor Setar is small, there are still a lot of places that would be interesting as the backdrop
there are a few places I have in mind plus some other locations that I’d like to experimenting at, but it all depend on the weather – been raining a lot lately

I was at Alor Setar Mall a few days ago and ended up photoshooting at the Georgetown White Coffee
ohmai~ I love coffee! hazelnut white coffee is just too awesome for words!

I wanted to try cafe photoshoot but well, it’s Alor Setar! as if you could find nice looking cafe that easily
there are some nice one; but not as what I have in mind
maybe I should drive up to Jitra, Sungai Petani or Penang next time?

the photoshoot was only for a few minutes haha – well… test shots to be exact since it has been a while since I last use my 50mm lens to shot portraiture
… the result shots aren’t bad IMO

here goes! 😉
these photos are in my facebook page

alright! done with this post! 🙂
what should I talk about in my next post?
reminiscing of the past maybe? my random digital painting? or new photos from the photoshoot if I have any? heeeeeeeeee~
we’ll see 😉

btw, the postcards that I sent not long ago should have arrived (or maybe sometime this week?)
I’ve received mine yesterday (or was it the day before? gah!)


Photo Update #5


when was the last time I converted photos to black and white?
it feels like aaaaaaages ago! HAH!

anyway, old photo again
it’s in my fb ages ago heeee~

btw, 2 more weeks; 3 more exams to go
I might not post anything anymore until it’s June
no more processed photo left in my draft 😦

Photo Update #3


Hello again! I just finished with my 2nd exam earlier today and… well, don’t ask about it =.=
I still got 6 more to go; no more exams this week so I have a few days to breath! (but totally no time to take photos haha)
I’ve been staying home all the time even though London is so darn bright these days! (but still chilly! I thought I’d froze in the exam hall just now!)
is not winter, right? 0.o
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I totally want to go out and have fun! 😦
ditch the books? lol no no, I need to behave 🙂

Anyway, these are old shots taken when I was in Malaysia last month?
I have a feeling that I might touch up these photos again next time
I had this post in draft for ages! haha

p/s: I didn’t go and see the Royal Wedding, but a friend of mine did and *gasp* it looked awesome! she had photos of them on the… carriage passing through
if only it’s after my exams, I’m so camping out! haha 😛
so Prince Harry, please get married this year too and have a bombastic ceremony so that I can join the crowd 😛 heeeeeee~

Photo Update!


I have no idea what to write… or rant heeeeeee~
actually, I wanted to rant about the siputmyx speed I’m having lol (and how it connect and dc me)
I left my laptop on to download something since last night and… the download died on me when it only have 43Mb left out of 944Mb
sorry baby I left you on for too long. get some rest now *shuts down*

oh well, I might just download it when I’m back in London
at least, the connection is reliable and faster! 1Gb? an hour is more than enough! hmphhhh!!!
I need the downloaded file for my MSc project btw, that’s why I’m pretty much desperately trying to download it now xD

aaanyway! here are some photos that I took last week in Penang; still got tons more to edit which I’ll leave it till next time haha
I too got another set of photos which I haven’t go through yet lol (of somewhere in Kuala Kedah)

on other note… I need to speed up my revision processes
I’m taking too much time on 1 subject even though it’s making me understand things from cover to cover lol xD

anddddd AAAAHHHH!!!! CandidSyndrome is in London!
if I were there, I’d go attend their workshop =.=
Everybody knows how awesome they are tsk!
I’m missing the chance! grrrrrrr!!!!

Back for a while


…with wacky connection, I won’t be online that much – plus I have 8 modules to revise on
it was so annoying that loading a page took minutes! urghhh!!!
come on streamyx! shame on you!

I’ve got my timetable already; this is just for my reference 😛

okay! since I’m home, apart from doing my revision I too play with my camera when I feel like it
I still haven’t install photoshop in my laptop; so I was using bro’s computer instead
awesome huge monitor, totally a good one for photo post processing 😛

here goes something that I took on the… 2nd April? which I just edited earlier
it’s different from my usual style 😛

p/s: I HATE being told things along this line… “gi tangkap gambar je bila masa study?”
let me tell you something; I DO study; and what I want to do (even if I don’t want to study) is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! 😉
and to this specific person, puhlissss~ you haven’t got ur first degree yet, please worry about yourself
I don’t mind people reminding me to balance things properly if they are far older and better than me
being told from someone who’s younger? do worry about yourself; I at least got a 1st class degree in Engineering even though you think I was fooling around a lot 😛 – not trying to brag, but please think before you say something; it’s ANNOYING 😉