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Sea life part 6 FINAL


part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5 as in the links

hah! finally it’s the end of aquatic life hehe
these are.. piranha!
the tank is so nice! it felt like I was in a jungle! 😀

if I didn’t know that there’s water inside (and fishes lives in water), I could be fooled for flying fishes! lol


Sea life part 5


part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4 as in the links

the lights were changing colours thus these different coloured jellyfishes hehe
pretty interesting I’d say
I wish the tank is bigger 😦
it was so small that most people took a peek and walk away lol

Flowerlicious Part II


happy belated eid adha!
how was your eid yesterday?

I was in bed; sick 😦
it wasn’t that bad tbh; only runny nose and sore throat – a bit feverish the day before
it was only around the evening that things went bad; I passed out twice in a row =.= and also I had a brief fit
that was scary as I never fainted all my life before

I first fainted on my way from the kitchen to the living room
good thing my mom asked my bro or dad to see if something was falling as there was a huge BANG sound – turned out that was me LOL
I then gain my consciousness back
…and then I was back on my feet trying to get to the living room which was just a few steps away but before I could get there, I passed out again and this time I had a fit

dad was saying how I really scared him, fainting out of nowhere!
sorry dad 😦

it might be the medicine that I took – too much for me to handle?
or maybe because I didn’t eat much for the whole day

dad was worried about it; until this morning and kept on checking on me if I were to pass out again
I am much better now 😉
InsyaAllah I won’t pass out again

passing out twice in a row is totally no good
I have no idea how did I fall; I have no memory of it
it happened just like that
but what I know, I bruised my knees and I think I sprained my wrist; and it’s purplish there as well =.=
I might hit my chin too
hopefully I didn’t hit my head too hard =.=

it felt like I was on a marathon when I woke up lol – aching all over!
it’s such a relief that I wasn’t holding onto any glass or such when that happened (or bang my head at the cupboard corner or something)

phew! such experience! – which I reallllllly hope it won’t happen again

here are some photos that I took at Cambridge University Botanical Garden
previous posts; Cambridge University Botanic Garden
and Cambridge University Botanic Garden Part II
Flowerlicious Part I

hopefully everyone is in good condition
and stay healthy + safe! 😉
being sick is no good 😦

Cambridge Uni, College Formal Dinner


You can refer to this post Harry Potter Dinner for part 1 of the story hehe

A day before my flight back to Malaysia, I managed to sneak in (not really) to one of the formal dinner
the students can bring 2 guests with them; so I was the one my sis brought with 😛

to cut things short; it started with drinks before entering the hall
here’s the waiting hall

and when you’re inside the hall; the person next to you will introduce themselves, chat with you yadda yadda yadda
really is a proper thing

that is such a good experience!
and of course on the table, they put on a complete set of wine glasses and utensils, those kind of proper thing you’d see in old English movies hehe – don’t you wonder which fork to use? which spoon? haha

I sat next to this grandpa uncle named… uhhh sorry I can’t remember lol
but he used to be a doctor for 40 years before retiring 20 years ago – he is pretty old 😉
he introduced himself by giving out his full name and got me caught in his flow and I was giving away my full name too AHAHAHA!
I usually introduce myself as Adila since it gets annoying to repeat my full name every time lol
I even need to repeat my name even when I’m saying it’s Adila – since it’s not an English name 😛

the food!
errrrrr~ it was alright but I’d prefer something else hehe
I think I had vegetable soup as the starter – pretty good tbh; main dish was some vegetable pastry with side dishes of sliced potatoes with gravy and cabbage; and dessert was fruit cocktails
of course that is the vegetarian option 😉

and ended with crackers and cheese (which I was told wine works best with cheese to lower? the cheese taste or something something)
too bad I can’t take any photos inside the hall; so I don’t have any!

funny story; well it’s funny for me
the uncle next to me asked if I’d like to have some cheese as I was looking at him
and I smiled and said, “I’m alright” – which means, no thank you (that is not something weird to say, right?)
then he said, “You mean, ‘NO’?”
I can only LOLed! and that got me thinking if I screwed up my English or something
it felt like he was correcting my English AHAHAHA! 😆
he was telling me the answer is NO not I’m alright
that is not the wrong thing to say, uhhh right? I’m not sure anymore xD heeeeeeee~
It’s not the right phrase to use but it’s not wrong either… I think? haha
kena study English again la!

anyway, here is yours truly with the gown (I don’t need to wear it actually; but I still did :P) and my sister on the right 😉

p/s: if you’re up to it, do try applying for Cambridge University. It’s such a proper place where you feel like everyone is such an elite! (of course only elites can get it, no?) – be one of them by trying to get in 😉
of course I’m going to try as well; I need to write a proposal before I get in touch with any supervisor in mind hehe~

Goodbye my room!


well, I’ve been neglecting my blog for some time hehe
I actually thinking of updating it a few times already but I have no idea what to write about

I arrived in Malaysia on Sunday and since then, I’ve been away from my laptop lol
from London, my flight was at 10pm but I was there around 4pm since I got kicked out from the place I stayed in haha
I had to checked out at 12 to be exact, but I told them I’d be out later since I was going straight to the airport
here are some pictures of my empty room and kitchen 😦

even though I hate all the noises there – seriously, it was DAMN NOISY! I’d miss that place
I was in another room before this for… 2 years? I was in a studio flat which had its own kitchen
this year; well for my MSc year, I moved to a smaller room; 3 persons flat with a shared kitchen (each room has its own bathroom)
– the photos aren’t at the right position and such since I made photoshop merge it for me and obviously I didn’t recorrect it hehe
I’m not promoting the place, so heck! 😛


and the corridor!

I bid BYE BYE to that room and place at around 3pm and headed to the airport
I was way too early at the airport so I ended up doing digital painting while waiting for the check in counter to open lol
I had my ears plugged, so I have no idea how many people actually talked to me asking what was I doing, and what is that tablet thingy
I only realised 2 of them did talked to me heeeee~ whoops!

btw, just as a side note, overweight luggage is charged at £40 for 1kg – yes yes for MAS
you’ll get extra 5kg if you have Enrich (25kg is the basic for economy class; so maximum you’ll get is 30kg) and pay for the rest, exceeding 30kg
– do people at the check in counter usually make a fuss of that? no, right? I’ve been flying a lot of times and NEVER been asked to pay extra money
I was rather annoyed at that

aaaaanyway! when I arrived at KLIA, my flight to Alor Setar was delayed! urghhh!! it was delayed for an hour during the London-KL flight as well 😦
so I was working on a new piece of digital painting while waiting for the flight since I had way too much time =.=
I’ll post those up in my next post… probably

I arrived home at around 10pm or so
and for the next few days, I was fooling around with this wonderful gadget…

yeah iPad is just too awesome! no wonder most people got one! that isn’t mine but I buat macam harta sendiri, boleh? hehe
I’m thinking of getting one myself, we’ll see how it goes since I’m penniless atm haha

I was onlining from there as well; games, fb, manga, etc etc
I didn’t turn on my laptop for some days since I got my hands on iPad
reading manga on it, is just too awesome! 😀
I am obsess with it! kyaaaa~



what I’ve been up to during the weekend?
actually… I’m going back to Malaysia for… good? maybe not. I still have my phD offer which is for Oct 2012 to think about 😛
but anyway, I am going to be in Malaysia for a few months or years if I were not to study again. Who knows 😉
so I have to move out; kena tendang seyh! plus my visa is expiring soon too lol

it’s so annoying
my hands, arms, shoulder, ache! urgh! and I’m bruising all over as well for being clumsy and tripped down by myself =.=
nothing serious, but that still pissed me off! 😆
the most annoying part is, when taping the boxes in the end, as I was doing it by myself
no one to hold it when I was about to tape it!
you have no idea how many times I had to stop myself from cursing LOL – penat je puasa kalau maki2 plak kan? hohoho sabar je la

oh well, it’s all done now 😀
I need to give away all the stuffs that I’m not shipping back to Malaysia or simply toss it away
my room is practically… empty!
it feels weird 😛

I’d post the photo of my place when I’ve tidy it up ehe~
it’s still a mess even though most stuffs are gone already – I collect rubbish? OMG! lol
I suppose, I’d clean things up tonight before bed time 😉

my room is pretty small, so I put my boxes along the corridor lol
4 boxes of books + lecture notes + exam papers and 2 boxes of miscellaneous

next, gonna toss things away in the kitchen
I’m not gonna cook for the next few days since I’ve emptied my fridge already hehe

this doesn’t feel real!
I’m going back to Malaysia next week! OMG!
but before that, I really need to worry about my viva this 31st
hopefully it goes well, AMIN!