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Flowerlicious Part II


happy belated eid adha!
how was your eid yesterday?

I was in bed; sick 😦
it wasn’t that bad tbh; only runny nose and sore throat – a bit feverish the day before
it was only around the evening that things went bad; I passed out twice in a row =.= and also I had a brief fit
that was scary as I never fainted all my life before

I first fainted on my way from the kitchen to the living room
good thing my mom asked my bro or dad to see if something was falling as there was a huge BANG sound – turned out that was me LOL
I then gain my consciousness back
…and then I was back on my feet trying to get to the living room which was just a few steps away but before I could get there, I passed out again and this time I had a fit

dad was saying how I really scared him, fainting out of nowhere!
sorry dad 😦

it might be the medicine that I took – too much for me to handle?
or maybe because I didn’t eat much for the whole day

dad was worried about it; until this morning and kept on checking on me if I were to pass out again
I am much better now 😉
InsyaAllah I won’t pass out again

passing out twice in a row is totally no good
I have no idea how did I fall; I have no memory of it
it happened just like that
but what I know, I bruised my knees and I think I sprained my wrist; and it’s purplish there as well =.=
I might hit my chin too
hopefully I didn’t hit my head too hard =.=

it felt like I was on a marathon when I woke up lol – aching all over!
it’s such a relief that I wasn’t holding onto any glass or such when that happened (or bang my head at the cupboard corner or something)

phew! such experience! – which I reallllllly hope it won’t happen again

here are some photos that I took at Cambridge University Botanical Garden
previous posts; Cambridge University Botanic Garden
and Cambridge University Botanic Garden Part II
Flowerlicious Part I

hopefully everyone is in good condition
and stay healthy + safe! 😉
being sick is no good 😦



…the weather in London is getting worse 😦
Is it just me or London seems to snow a lot this time? As I recall, when I was first here, it only snowed heavily ONCE! then the next years, it snowed more than than and now… well, I lost count haha

Obviously it’s fun when it snowing but after a while, it starts to annoy me
…and it’s freezing cold! grrrrr~

Anyway, I only went out today to pick up the heater that I ordered a few days ago haha
I’d NEVER go out ever again until the frost is over! lol – yeah right haha
It’s way too slippery! 😦 urghhh no fun, there not much snow, only frost

The weather forecast predicted that tomorrow is going to be a sunny day w00t! 😀 but might snow again on Saturday bleehhhh~

Aaaaanyway, I post processed more Istanbul photos 😀
and this time.. not yet Blue Mosque 😛 just seagulls hehe

Someone was feeding them with bread, thus I was able to snap some photos of seagulls in action 😛 haha

p/s: I’m not in the best mood lately, so I tend not to communicate with anyone much including replying comments, bloghopping as everything I read pissed me off. Nothing personal, really. I’m just in a rather foul mood as it seems like my final year project doesn’t improve much. I fixed one of my biggest mistake in my code yesterday after struggling for 4 days, but it turns out that the changes that I did effect others which I’m still trying to figure out which part was affected… and, I still haven’t manage to set the simulation automatically, what Unix code do I need? .ini? urghhh!!! and.. there’s database stuffs to read up – and I had some problem with installing labSQL. Stress? I feel like beating someone up! lol

And.. I need to sleep at the right time now haha. I tend to think 5am is way too early to go to bed. Something is terribly wrong with my brain it seems! no wonder I feel as if I’ve gotten crazy!

I’m ranting, aren’t I? hehe
Enjoy those photos and hopefully I’ll be back in shape soon 😀

Drive safely!


I’m now in KL and kawasan sekitar and will be home by tomorrow haha
On the way earlier, there was a lorry (or trailer) caught on fire.. rentung beb!
What really happened? I have no idea. Wait for the news hehe
Hopefully no lives where lost. Amin.

It was just by chance that I was there at that time; and luckily I had my 70-300mm zoom around 😛
I do wish I changed back to my 18-55mm when I passed the totally burned lorry to get better shots; but I wasn’t fast enough! 😦

Here are some shots that I’ve uploaded on facebook; no touch up and all, not even cropped since there’s no photoshop in dad’s laptop hehe. I’ll reupload my favourite shots later when I get home

I did think of uploading those pictures when it happened since the broadband signal were good earlier; but.. I used dad’s laptop last night and didn’t recharge it lol. So.. yeah; now this story is already a cerita basi lol; updating you guys about it from the hotel room haha

Favourite shots; sort of lucky shots that I managed to get

other shots:

p/s: I’m starting to like photojournalism since it’s like.. it’s all about you’re there at the right time; other things don’t matter that much

p/s budak kebuloq: earlier went to Bangsar pekena pasembor + cendol dkt2 stesen minyak petronas tu. that is my favourite spot! it wasn’t was good as it was years ago; but not bad la 🙂 next place to singgah for food would be mee salim which i’m not sure where haha. i super tak tau names of places even though been going there a lot of times already hehe 😛