Flowerlicious Part II


happy belated eid adha!
how was your eid yesterday?

I was in bed; sick 😦
it wasn’t that bad tbh; only runny nose and sore throat – a bit feverish the day before
it was only around the evening that things went bad; I passed out twice in a row =.= and also I had a brief fit
that was scary as I never fainted all my life before

I first fainted on my way from the kitchen to the living room
good thing my mom asked my bro or dad to see if something was falling as there was a huge BANG sound – turned out that was me LOL
I then gain my consciousness back
…and then I was back on my feet trying to get to the living room which was just a few steps away but before I could get there, I passed out again and this time I had a fit

dad was saying how I really scared him, fainting out of nowhere!
sorry dad 😦

it might be the medicine that I took – too much for me to handle?
or maybe because I didn’t eat much for the whole day

dad was worried about it; until this morning and kept on checking on me if I were to pass out again
I am much better now 😉
InsyaAllah I won’t pass out again

passing out twice in a row is totally no good
I have no idea how did I fall; I have no memory of it
it happened just like that
but what I know, I bruised my knees and I think I sprained my wrist; and it’s purplish there as well =.=
I might hit my chin too
hopefully I didn’t hit my head too hard =.=

it felt like I was on a marathon when I woke up lol – aching all over!
it’s such a relief that I wasn’t holding onto any glass or such when that happened (or bang my head at the cupboard corner or something)

phew! such experience! – which I reallllllly hope it won’t happen again

here are some photos that I took at Cambridge University Botanical Garden
previous posts; Cambridge University Botanic Garden
and Cambridge University Botanic Garden Part II
Flowerlicious Part I

hopefully everyone is in good condition
and stay healthy + safe! 😉
being sick is no good 😦

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    • Tengss
      2-3 hari dah ok dah
      So skrg mmg dah sgt recovered fully 🙂

      1st day je yg demam
      Tu pun deman skit2 je
      Heran gak mcm mana la smpai leh pengsan

      Pengsan sgt xbes psl xde nye nak jatuh ayu2 haha
      Gedebukkk camtu haa
      Sakit badan psl jatuh tu mmg lps tu baru rasa
      Buatnya langgar bucu meja naya je iskkk~

      Siyes mmg xtau pun pengsan
      Bila black out pun mmg xtau
      Xde pun rs dizzy ke hape, stakat rs mcm xsihat je la hoho

  1. wah!! fainted two in a row!!
    that must be a record.
    by the way, people shouldnt be letting
    u walk by yourself even after u’ve gain

    best if u check if there was anything wrong internally sis.
    i mean we wont know if u’ve fractured something kan..

    • Tengs~
      musim Sakit kot? Musim hujan plus musim Sakit… Erkkk!
      slamat sembuh jgak
      xbes Sakit lama2 😦

      Bwk balik gmbar je hihihihi
      Nak cari tmn bunga kat alor setar ni mcm xjumpa2 la plak isskkk~

  2. Salam Cik Adila 🙂
    Lama i tak singgah sini kan.
    U demam teruk (i rasa antibody u lemah)
    Kalau sampai hari ni u masih demam dats mean u ni
    sama macam i. (lambat sembuh)
    Dan i buat conclusion yang u ni GEMINI.
    I raya ni macam tak meriah. Still busy dengan benda baru ;(

    Seperti selalu… pic bunga2 yang u snap memang sangat cantik dan clear 🙂
    Dah boleh jual dekat deviantart. Jap.. i rasakan apa kata u buat new blog pasal bunga2.
    Niche yang baik i fikir. Theme u design sendiri (sketch, mesti smart) – saja bagi cadangan 😉

    • wslm
      I demam sikit je Sakit lain plak yg dtg 😦
      Btw I Taurus haha
      2-3 ari lps tu I dah ok 🙂
      Tp risau gak klo I pass out again ishh!

      Publicity I xckup tu yg xleh nak sell 😦
      psl I tak cukup business minded rsnya hihi
      Idea u tu bes! I ade fikir2 gak tp rsnya I nak combine all tp each Ada section or tab sendri
      Baru rough idea je la heeeeeee~

      susah nak curik attention org ehe~

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