Lego <3


feel free to view more photos at Noradila Photography page 😉

I was playing with Lego a few days ago out of boredom
my Lego army been sitting in my room; waiting for me to give any command – lol that would be scary if they were to move when I demand them too haha
so I thought why not I mess about since I had nothing better to do (I actually do, but I didn’t feel like doing it hohoho)

how insane I am with these Lego thingy? – it’s just the minifigures that I’m crazy about
check my older posts! 😉
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I kept a box of the Lego bricks when I took out my lego stuffs last year? the year before? lol I can’t remember
I have 2 boxes of them which those are what I was playing with when I was about 7? 8? years old
good thing those Lego are being kept! 😀
I’d be regretting if it were to be given or thrown away phew!
Lego ain’t cheap!

so I was sitting quietly, playing with my Lego; setting the theme, as I wanted for some Lego photoshoot lol
here is my setting 😛

I was using my macro filter for the close up shot 😉
and the result?


why the sad face?
PMS! lol

my dad was asking who on earth would love Lego as much as I do? weird people do exist
I could only LOLed at that haha

I’m not sure myself why I’m into Lego
maybe because it makes a good subject to take photo of?

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  1. hey….i love lego ok. It’s just that i’m so lazy to pick up and to tidy things up after I pay. By the way, where’s the picture of your invention nie??? Hehehe…

    • tu the 2nd pic; front view from the window 😛
      there’s another one, but I don’t really like it much haha

      you can always serak2kan at one corner yg org xkacau and tinggal it there like that
      if I were to have my own house (amboiiiiiii! haha) or maybe an apartment, I’d reserve a room just for my Lego stuffs – then can expand my collection wohooo!

      guest room? tido ruang tamu dah la haha

    • thanks creasyo!

      know what? I think you should try it too!
      have you heard of Mike Stimpson?
      he sometimes take the Lego out and take photos of them with real scenery!
      it would be awesome to see that from you as well as I’m loving the photos of Barbados that you took! 😉

      • Checked him out this morning, love his American Beauty Star Wars one! Might have to have a think about that and source some lego from somewhere!!

  2. dah tua pun masih main lego ye..hehe. lego kt rmh ni tak bersentuh pun..xde yg minat..nak bg yg kt budak kecik, takut ditelannya pulak..terbiar sepi je lah..:D

    • budak2 xleh main lego
      tertelan nnt susah!!! haha
      budak2 dewasa je yg boleh main 😛

      tu yg sy tgk lego sy yg lama2 ade je kesan2 gigi ehehe~
      org suruh main pegi gigit la plak ish2

  3. Slm Adila,
    Sebenarnya i kagum dengan hobi u ni sbb jarang2 orang ada hobi mcm ni.
    I pun suka kumpul figure2 tapi tak terlalu ekstrem. Ikut mana yg ada dan ternampak.
    Sebenarnya hanya orang2 yg ada minat mcm ni atau lebih kurang je faham, orang lain tak akan
    faham sgt. So no worries klu ada sesiapa yg pelik. Dan i dapat feel u punya minat tu.
    So teruskan.

    jap nak ucap Slm Aidiladha kt u. 🙂

    • Salam Aidil Adha kat u jgak 😉

      hehe I sukaaaaaa tgk minifig ni byk2
      figures2 lain I xkisah langsung pun – nasib baik I tak brapa sgt dgn Gundam
      figures Gundam lg mahal kan? 😉

      • U, baru2 ni i ada pergi KLCC dekat kedai toys.
        Masa jalan2, i ternampak minifig macam u punya ni.
        Comel2 dan dorang susun macam u susun.
        Masa tu tiba2 i teringat u lah. hehehe.

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