Flowerlicious Part I


I was saying in my previous posts that I’d post up the flower photos that I took at Cambridge University Botanical Garden
previous posts; Cambridge University Botanic Garden
and Cambridge University Botanic Garden Part II
tbh, I’m not sure which photo to post first as there are way too much! (not really; but you don’t want to see all 27 photos at once, right? hehe)

if these are not to your liking, feel free to view the other photos at Noradila Photography page 😉

I really am missing taking photos of flowers!
days ago, I went around Alor Setar and was trying to find a place where there’d be a lot of flowers!
too bad I couldn’t find one; even couldn’t find a place when I googled about it
come on Alor Setar! Taman Bunga please!
of course there’s one at Gunung Jerai if I’m not mistaken
but driving up there? errr that is another story haha I don’t have the guts lol 😆

oh well~
here goes some of the photos 😉
I do have lots of my sis photoshoot yet to be posted
and also Lego photoshoot
but all these are already in my fb page hehe

Geranium sinense

p/s: hrmmmmmm~ I feel like going to take some shots of the beach. Kuala Kedah anyone? I’ll see if the weather this afternoon is good, then I might go! 😉 I went there last week I think but it started to rain like crazy the minute my bro and I went out of the car BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! such bad timing! lol

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      • ni homework baru suri wakakaak 😛
        cari nama bunga 😛

        bunga yg 1st tu tau nama scientific je
        nnt la google nama dia 😀

        yg no 2 tu orkid la kan
        no 3 tu mmg xtau
        tp tu bunga dkt gunung2 kot? haha
        sesedap rasa je hentam ni 😛

    • gmbar laut tu ntah2 taun dpn kot? ehehehe~
      skrg kan musim hujan aje 😦 😦
      hari tu nak pegi xsmpat la plak walopun cuaca punya la baeeeekkk!
      rugi2 😦

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