if you’re on my fb list, you’d know this news already – well, I supposed?
anyway, just to let you know, the final result was out on the 27th Oct 2011
and… things went well and…

I got a distinction!!!

w00t!! Alhamdulillah, all that hard work paid off 😉
so I’m graduating, obtaining Master of Science, MSc with Distinction

my graduation is in December
if nothing goes wrong, I’d be going to my graduation 😉

if you’re wondering what’s next; well… I’m still thinking about it
I’ve already got a PhD offer that I’ve already deferred for 2 years; I was offered to do PhD right after my bachelor degree last year but since I wasn’t sure about it, I opted to do MSc which I’ve just completed 😉
I might want to try applying for other uni which I’m still considering – proposal! proposal! proposal!

…and I’m also considering of getting a job first; work for a few years and only then continue with my PhD
I’m not sure which option is to my liking 😆

tbh, I did want to get a PhD before turning 25 years old haha – pretty young, isn’t it? 😛
but since I didn’t do PhD last year, it’s impossible now 😦
maybe PhD before 30? haha

either way, I’ll see how things go 😉

anyway! done mumbling 😛
I promised NG that I’d post up my MSc Project – Energy Efficient VOIP that I did – I got a distinction in that, so hopefully it gives some hints to other people that are of the same field as me; in their undergrad or postgrad 😉
I’ll also explain a bit of my BEng Project – Enterprise Network Simulation where I managed to get a 1st Class Hons the year before
– I won’t talk about how the network works yadda yadda yadda but only on the ways of implementation 😉

pstttt I’m not trying to brag here; just to let you know that I did get pretty good marks in my projects so you can take my words for it; or even apply some stuffs that I did in here to your project (if it’s related)
do take note that I said in the video, for MSc, you need something EXTRA that you didn’t talk over with your supervisor. That gives you the extra marks and takes you a level above anyone else and the likeliness to get a better grade – try and impress your supervisor and examiner 😉

for my undergrad project, I managed to do all the if you could do… things that my supervisor said he would like to see if possible
he pointed out things that could be achieved but not ways of doing it – make sure you know how things work for the extra bits as well; I was asked to explain about it during my viva
whenever your supervisor said if you could do… take note of that
that is a hint! 😉
go crack your head open and make sure you can do what your supervisor wants to see – no matter what it takes; you’ll get good grade

here’s the video 😉

p/s: did you catch my grammar mistakes? ehe~ 😛
and take note! it’s not the MAC address but MAC type – I accidentally said the wrong thing lol

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  1. congrats congrats….kawe also ada hati nak belajar tapi kena tunggu kids besar ckit lah..
    Hopefully I can get my Master before I’m dead… adehhhh…. 😀
    Admire u la dear.. so young, so smart, so brilliant… sejuk perut ibu mengandung dulu.

  2. Hi Adila, CONGRATULATIONS! Holy Smoke! You did it! You exceeded everyones expectations. And a distinction too! Outstanding!
    The world is now at your feet……
    May the wind always be at your back, and the sun upon your face, and the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.

    There are 2 things in a woman’s life that makes her walk, feet not touching the ground, and a smile to light up 3 blocks…….
    Scoring a distinction gaining a Masters, and saying, “I do”.
    Adila, I am very proud of you…..!
    Bet your parents looking for a buffalo to help celebrate, ha ha.

    Okay, go relax, hop skip and jump. You’ve earned it, Adila. Well done!
    And keep a song in your heart.

    • thank you Uncle Lee!
      well, hopefully I’m gonna be saying “I do” some time soon 😛
      …maybe in another few years haha

      I sure will invite you if that happens 😉

  3. 1st nak cakap tahniah sbb bakal dapat master then sbb dapat offer PHD.
    So kagum dgn u. waaa.. tak semua orang akan dapat merasa macam u dapat.

    2nd tengs sbb post pasal project ni, tgah download video u ni.
    Tak sabar nak tgok apa yg u buat.

    I layan dulu video u tu then I akan tanya balik mana yg x faham.

    • thanks 😀 😀
      insyaAllah u pun nnt akan grad dgn cemerlang jgak 😉

      video tu, pape yg x clear tanya la
      klo u nak i go into more details pun i xkisah 😉

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