Cambridge University Botanic Garden Part II


…so I’ve introduced Cambridge University Botanic Garden before
believe it or not, I’ve finished post processing most of it haha!
I was in a rush as I got this Β£5 voucher from Jessops and wanted to use it before going back to Malaysia
I usually do my photo printing at Sainsbury but I don’t see any photo printing at this Sainsbury hrmmmmm~
So I’m hoping the quality from Jessops would be as good as what I’m expecting πŸ˜‰

I was working on those photos (454 shots) and ended up with 26? 27 finalised shots
not bad; I skipped a few as well hohohoho~
I was on it since last night and continued earlier today while messing around *cough* and update my fb lol

-yours truly trying to concentrate but, listening to just songs ain’t as awesome as watching the mv while at it, right? right? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

here are some of the photos πŸ˜‰

of course I’ll post some of the photos up here; but obviously, it will be in my fb page much faster πŸ˜›

p/s: MORE PHOTOS TO COME! I’ll tell another Cambridge story in my next post! I’m on my way back to Malaysia by now πŸ˜‰


11 responses »

    • haha satu lg tu laptop my sis
      I on utk lyn youtube sambil2 I buat keje haha
      and yep yep tu mv SHINee
      cool la mv diorg! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

      yg sony tu mmg I punya
      comel kan sony I? πŸ˜›

      • Yep, comel sgt sony tu.
        Rasa macam nk pinjam jap n tekan2 apa yg ada dalam tu. hehehe

        MV SHInee yg lucifier ver Japan tu layan betul, smart dorang menari.
        Ptutlah ramai gegurl minat πŸ™‚

    • ekekekeke~
      tak la tu cooler pad

      laptop ni xde la sepanas laptop sy yg dulu2
      tp guna la jgk psl sy jenih klo on laptop, mau slagi xtido mmg xoff la haha

      laptop2 sy yg sblm ni slalu je off sendri psl panas sgt haha
      so skrg amik langkah berjaga2 ekekekekeke~

    • ehehe~
      dah alang2 dkt n tgh rajin dok kayuh beskal… tu la kejenye

      skrg dah malas dok berkurung kat rumah gak
      gi shopping nak membeli plak ehehe~

      pssstttt takkan jaga je?
      amik gambar si baby tu pun syiok gak wooo!

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