Cambridge University Botanic Garden


I had nothing better to do since I’ve already got tired of going round and round in the city so I went to Cambridge University Botanic Garden
I haven’t completely finish touring the city but pretty much I’ve covered most stops that the hop on bus takes haha

anyway! the Botanic Garden is pretty nearby; about 10 mins by bike (or maybe less?) – seems far in the map heh!
It’s near the Department of Engineering and Fitzwilliam Museum
I went to the department a few days ago hehe but I haven’t gone through the photos lol
the museum? I’ll pass since it’s not of my interest; I might go if I really don’t know where or what to do

I went there around 11am and went home at nearly 4pm
To go in, it’s FREE for Cambridge students only heh! – normal price is Β£4
and they have a parking area for the bikes πŸ˜€
so, no need to worry about where to lock the bike at πŸ˜›
– yours truly been cycling for 11 days now; gonna feel weird when I no longer have a bike 😦

the botanic garden is pretty big; of course nothing can beat Kew Gardens in term of the landscapes πŸ˜› (and the scariness, easiness to get lost; Kew Gardens is like a jungle lol)
but the botanic garden has a lot of interesting gardens, which I think, I did manage to cover all of it within the hours I was there

I had tons of fun snapping photos which I nearly used up my 8Gb card and drained one of the battery
thank goodness I do have an extra card and battery
454 photos to go through! I’m hoping I’d be left with at least 20 good photos

I am supposed not to waste any shots but then, the weather wasn’t that good
it was sunny and cloudy interchangeably which is good for nature photos but, it was way too windy!
so I wasn’t too sure if my shots are sharp enough; ended up taking several shots just to be safe πŸ˜›
…also I blame my rusty skills haha

here’s a sneak peak since I haven’t gone through the other photos yet πŸ˜›
I planned to do it tonight but I’m too sleepy already haha
I’d be taking some more photos tomorrow; so I’m not sure when I’ll finish going through all these photos! geeehhhhh!

as always, I’ll post up the other photos in my fb page

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  1. Siap ada botanic garden lagi kat Uni.
    Mesti u cycling smbil galas camera & main stop2 & main snap2 πŸ˜‰
    Dari map tu dapat rasa yg Uni ni besar punya kawasan.
    Ni yg buat rasa mcm nk gi belajar kt sana ni. πŸ™‚

    • heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
      I xde la main stop2 πŸ˜›
      kang xpsl kena belah dgn basikal lain ehe~

      dlm kawasan garden tu kena jln kaki je πŸ˜›
      1-3 jam rasanya cukup kot nak pusing sume kawasan tu hihihihi
      ni bkn uni tau, tp garden yg uni tu punya
      so dlm tu mmg garden semata2 (ada kot research center?)

      tp masa I pegi ari tu ade je 2 group student dtg blaja psl pokok?
      xsure la uni ke college students

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