Tess Gerritsen WHO?


Do you like reading novels? hehe
I sort of getting back to that old hobby of mine, READING!

my favourite authors include Tess Gerritsen, Sheila O’Flanagan, Danielle Steel, Cecelia Ahern and there’s another one which I can’t remember

a few days ago, I came across Oxfam which is a charity based in England and selling second hand books (and other stuffs)
it’s somewhere near Sainsbury, here in Cambridge
and I got myself a book written by Tess Gerritsen – Girl Missing; for £2.99. Not bad since a new book would be £6.99

I have most of the latest Tess Gerritsen’s books; I usually buy her novel right when it’s out – so I was sort of spending a bit too much since usually, the normal size, paperback book would be out a bit later than the hardcover LOL
but I don’t have her older novels as I was broke and ended up borrowing from the public library when I was in London before hehe

anyway, I’ve just finished reading Girl Missing last night and earlier today, I went again to Oxfam for the sake of getting another novel to last me for another few days if I don’t try to finish it within tonight haha
and I got Life Support; I’m not sure if I’ve read it before hrmmmmm~

too bad there’s no other title of hers that is in Oxfam anymore 😦
so, can you guys recommend me any author for thriller novels?
for unknown reason, I can’t stand romance anymore
so I can’t get myself Sheila O’Flanagan books even though her books are so tear jerking! – no joking!

Any thriller authors? 😀
I tried Dean Koontz and Mo Hayder before but the novels just don’t click with me
I’m not sure why hrmmmmm~
Dean Koontz books are okay and just… okay
Mo Hayder is… a bit too much for me lol; I only read Tokyo and I couldn’t finish reading it since I can’t handle it – the storyline is too heavy!

recommend recommend recommend? 😀

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  1. …i haven’t read thriller for quite sometime. Just a bit of Mario Puzo (the Godfather and stuff). Lately I have been reading Sarah Addison Allen because of the magical touch in her books. And she love to write about food too!!!

    Well, I can’t stand romance either.(the Judith McNaught days is over!) I’m more into family-food-friends type of books these days. Elizabeth Noble, Jeanne Ray, Jane Green…and all those chic lits (but less love stories would be nice!) Or Tony Parsons and Mike Gayle.

    Nicholas Sparks is okay too…but then if you want to totally avoid the romantic part, skip him in the list.

    • yessss!!! authors for me to check them out! 😀
      I never read books by any of them yet 😀 😀

      Sarah Addison Allen seems like what I should try next!
      magical genre! w00t!
      I’m hoping there’s a 2nd hand of her books here 😀 😀

  2. i love reading english novels too!!!

    the latest novel i’d bought was……ok dah lupa sbb busy sgt smpai tak sempat nak buka novel lg dah..huhuhu

    tp cover buku tu actress yg bnama Anna Hateway..obscene ckit. heh

      • a ah lah, suka magz n komik.
        Rasa ringan sikit kepala.
        Tpi bila baca novel atau buku2 ilmiah jadi mengantuk.
        Mesti terlelap. 🙂

        Tiba2 i rasa u punya header theme ni mcm smart.
        Tpi corak i tak reti nk color kan.

      • klo u nak try corak camni, better hand draw dulu then digital kan hihihi
        bagi i, i rs lg senang klo buat camtu

        …tp i pun lama xbuat corak mcm2 tu haha

        pssstttt i pun bca buku utk exam je kjp je dah ngantuk eheee~

    • ade specific genre?
      tess gerritsen – the surgeon best! klo suka yg tu, mmg confirm akan sangkut with the whole gerritsens books!

      klo yg xde crime; try dan brown – da vinci code
      mnarik novel tu; leh je try angels and demons lps tu hihihi

      kat mph confirm ada tp klo kedai buku popular tu… xsure la plak

  3. since you feel like trying, why don’t u get Garden Spell. That’s her 1st one…someone sold that to me via FB and I’ve been asking for more of her books since then. Well, if you’re here in Malaysia I can tell you where you can get good bargains for books…(and we are having the largest bookfest here. Imagine they are selling 1.50 at 95% discount. I just received 7 novels for RM8 as my pre birthday gifts last week!)

    But since you’re in UK, well…it might be a bit tough. You need to find an English author kot. Elizabeth Noble, Alexandra Potter, Jane Green and Jill Mansell are English.

    I also bought this Scottish book called “Little Giant of Aberdeen County”…can’t recall the author’s name but it’s nice literally…

    Haaiiii..why don’t u register in goodreads.com

    You can browse for good books there…just for reference:)

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