Daily Archives: October 10, 2011

Tess Gerritsen WHO?


Do you like reading novels? hehe
I sort of getting back to that old hobby of mine, READING!

my favourite authors include Tess Gerritsen, Sheila O’Flanagan, Danielle Steel, Cecelia Ahern and there’s another one which I can’t remember

a few days ago, I came across Oxfam which is a charity based in England and selling second hand books (and other stuffs)
it’s somewhere near Sainsbury, here in Cambridge
and I got myself a book written by Tess Gerritsen – Girl Missing; for £2.99. Not bad since a new book would be £6.99

I have most of the latest Tess Gerritsen’s books; I usually buy her novel right when it’s out – so I was sort of spending a bit too much since usually, the normal size, paperback book would be out a bit later than the hardcover LOL
but I don’t have her older novels as I was broke and ended up borrowing from the public library when I was in London before hehe

anyway, I’ve just finished reading Girl Missing last night and earlier today, I went again to Oxfam for the sake of getting another novel to last me for another few days if I don’t try to finish it within tonight haha
and I got Life Support; I’m not sure if I’ve read it before hrmmmmm~

too bad there’s no other title of hers that is in Oxfam anymore 😦
so, can you guys recommend me any author for thriller novels?
for unknown reason, I can’t stand romance anymore
so I can’t get myself Sheila O’Flanagan books even though her books are so tear jerking! – no joking!

Any thriller authors? 😀
I tried Dean Koontz and Mo Hayder before but the novels just don’t click with me
I’m not sure why hrmmmmm~
Dean Koontz books are okay and just… okay
Mo Hayder is… a bit too much for me lol; I only read Tokyo and I couldn’t finish reading it since I can’t handle it – the storyline is too heavy!

recommend recommend recommend? 😀