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Harry Potter Dinner!


…misleading title hehe

my sis had her formal (matriculation) dinner a few days ago and I was impressed with the fact that they need to wear the gown – yep! the graduation gown thingy without the hood

Academic dress is worn quite often in Cambridge on formal, and sometimes informal, occasions, and there are a number of rules and customs governing when and how it is worn. A gown in their first week at Cambridge for the purpose of matriculation, which is the formal ceremony of enrollment in the University.

thanks wiki! 😛

anyway, it was something like what you see from the Harry Potter movies where in the dining hall they have the long table but the difference is people don’t wear the gown unless for the formal dinner thingy – and of course the hall is looking simpler than in Harry Potter’s 😛
I couldn’t tag along to the dinner but I did went to have breakfast in the hall once 😉

here goes the sort of Harry Potter formal dinner style lol
as usual, it’s on my fb page
I might upload a few more soon hehe