Gerek in Cambridge!


it’s gerek means bicycle, not a misspelling of Greek or even Gare Du Nord (which is Paris Train Station) LOL ade kaitan? xde langsung!
anyway, yours truly suddenly had this idea of I WANT TO RIDE A BIKE! since the weekend as there is NONE bus running from my place to the city – 20 minutes by walking which I ended up with blisters lol

here is a photo of yours truly with the rented bike earlier this morning near the bike shed hehe (shed kah? parking?) – it’s within the college 😉

aaaaaanyway, there is this one bicycle hire place nearby (about 2 bus stops away – quarter way to the city) which is pretty close
it’s called City Cycle Hire which in only in Cambridge
I googled on that a bit and got an OKed from my dad on me, riding a bike here
to be honest, I haven’t been cycling for some time now; 3 years? more?
cycling in Malaysia, especially going on road is such a nightmare! I once went cycling with my brother and guess what? A lorry kept on pressuring me from behind and I was like WTF? so since then, my bike at home is somewhere in the house rusting away lol

off topic; fixie bikes are the in thing right now isn’t it? it is in Alor Setar, that’s for sure
I haven’t seen one in Cambridge yet
my brother was fussing over it when I got back from London before – sorry bro, your sister here is not yet employed to get you one haha
pretty bike but gonna be a waste if not riding it

anyway, back to cycling in Cambridge!
after looking through the website, checked the price and all, I totally was in, with the idea!
I ended up renting it for a day, 24 hours
the price is pretty ok; £10 with £40 deposit for a day
I might rent it again soon for a few days which would cost £15
not bad right?

I was taught how to lock, to change gear and all heeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
and oh! the guy who was serving me was pretty friendly as well hohoho 😉
that is a plus! I’m so going back there to rent again

okay! so getting a bike – DONE
new problem now!
I’m not that familiar with the roads + streets! and also the rules!
so, with a map in hand and reading through signboards, I did arrived at the city and went through the city lots of time haha

here in Cambridge, most people ride a bike!
so it really is safe to ride one!
since I haven’t been riding for a while, I did worry about riding it on the road with cars and all, around
but you know what, this is NOT MALAYSIA!
sorry Malaysia, I do love Malaysia but the drivers attitude suck big times!

there were times where lorries, busses, cars were behind me
and they didn’t pressure me to pedal faster
of course I rode on the bike lane when there is one; and move to the side when there are other vehicles – common sense, right?

in short, I’m loving it!
I’m so gonna get my own bike if I were to live in Cambridge – too bad I won’t hehe unless I’m studying here for my phD?
pray for me if I were to apply; amen!

since I rented the bike for a day, I lost count how many times I went around the city over and over again!
it’s easy to park in the city; a lot of places to park at so it really is not a problem 😉

I was riding it from 9.40am until nearly 7.30pm
I had trouble to find an empty space to park the bike in the college at night since nearly everyone got one and everyone got back from classes already!!

either way, I did manage to find one
since I was too active cycling, as expected! my muscles were all sore that I had to take painkiller lol
cycling is such a killer! lol
when I woke up, I’m all good and had recovered from sore muscles so I went out on the bike again haha

around 1pm, I went to return it in 😦
I’m thinking of renting it for a few days more if it doesn’t rain tomorrow
I haven’t done my tour yet so I’ll be needing a bike 😉
who needs the public transport when riding a bike is much fun, right? 😛

p/s: I haven’t gone through photos of the city yet; I might get lazy and post those up without any post processing haha
we’ll see how it goes 😉

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  1. the last time i ride a bike was 3 years back at Taman Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam.hahaha. masa tu musim bunga..banyak lah sangat bunga kan…tak sama mcm spring kt luar negara pun..huhuhu

    • lol i dah return the bike 😛
      …and pinjam another one haha!

      don’t jinx me la! heeeeeeeeeeee~
      if hilang, terbang my £40

      but seriously, basikal nak beli mahaaal~ 😦

  2. I mmg suke cycling dulu, tpi skunk dah pancit.
    Smoker mmg akan cpt pancit. Ades! (berdoa untuk berhenti).
    Patutlah lect omputih kt sini suka cycling.
    Dorang dah terbiasa dengan cara hidup sihat di sana.
    “I was riding it from 9.40am until nearly 7.30pm” <– lamanya u
    Baru tahu kat sana memang ada sewa basikal untuk aktiviti ini 😉

    • haha sape soh start smoking? 😛

      kat sini byk sgt tpt utk sewa basikal
      bes kan?
      i over excited cycle lama sgt lps tu mmg sakit la
      skrg ni pun i mlm2 amik painkiller hehehehe
      tp xla seteruk time mula2 hari tu

      klo i la dok sini, i nak je bli basikal yg leh lipat2 tu hehe

      kat cambridge ni mmg nmpak basikal lg byk dr kereta kat dlm city tu
      mmg org style bawak basikal je ni
      kat london dulu ade je tp i rasa xde la seramai mcm kat cambridge ni

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