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hrmmmmmm… seems like a lot of the photos that I took earlier were more like snapshots rather than proper scenery photos lol – TOURIST SHOTS! hehe
anyway, I’m currently in Cambridge, and no I’m not studying in Cambridge University; my sis is 😉

tbh, I’m regretting that I didn’t try to apply here for my masters degree lol
of course I can try for my PhD which for now, I’m tempted to apply asap haha
we’ll see how it goes since I’ve already got an offer from the uni where I did my MSc and BEng
3-4 years of PhD is not something to take easy since it takes way too much years!

I’m loving Cambridge, seriously
of course I still love London since I was there for 5 years; A level, bachelor degree and masters degree
Cambridge has this… calm, relaxing feeling – of course you can’t compare the shopping part with the High Street in London hehe
to put it simple, London is KL (soooort of?) and Cambridge is Kedah (not really)

so for a relaxing life, Cambridge is such a great place to live in!
and what’s more, it been sunny since the day I arrived, so it’s soooo awesomesauce!

and oh! the people are so friendly!
I went to do some groceries shopping earlier and this grandpa greeted me; of course it was just a Hello
I was waiting for the bus and this grandma started talking to me
but still, that’s not what people usually do, right? well, at least I know that that wasn’t how my London life were
I actually enjoy talking to people even though I do know how bad my social skills are lol

I was waiting for my sis doing whatever needed at the uni office (college office to be exact) and a lecturer talked to me asked if I were a new student and if I needed any help – actually, a lot of people, the students whom been here for some years were asking the same thing!
so yeah, I’m impressed with how things work here – they offer to help you out without you asking for it lol
if there is a research area that I’m interested in, I sure will try and apply here!
I’d love to try and live here! 😀

and oh! the college (where there are the student accommodation, halls, library etc etc) is like in a pretty garden!

well, you might get what I’m saying from this photo below 😉
I did explore the whole place haha but I’m not too sure how to make sure that the photos that I take would be how it look like in reality – hard bit 😦

anyway, here goes!
I might post up photos of Cambridge in general soon 😉