Back in the UK!


…okay! I think I’m still jet lagged but anyhow, I’m back in the UK for some reason
I’ll talk about that in the next post with some photos of the specific place I’m in; seriously, you’ll be in love with it, NO DOUBT!
I am! and I even been thinking of studying here even though I said phD can wait whenever I like in the next few years; not anytime soon – that’s how much I like this place and its people! 😀
it’s different than London; so I’m trying to get used to the roads and stuffs – I won’t be here long btw haha

anyway! here are some photos of the sunrise that I managed to catch the awesomeness of it (plus the mist was incredibly breathtaking!) too bad I couldn’t really put what I saw in the photos 😦

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  1. the the theme is changed! now this blog becomes happening then before! haha

    i had been to UK when i was a little girl, followed my father studied for his Master at the University of Manchester. Is it still there? 😛 I still remember how I enjoyed playing snow around my house and along the way to my school..i can remember those memories vividly and i hope to be there again..honeymoon maybe. ahaks

    • hehe kan!!!
      pandai pembuat theme ni! 😀
      i’m so in love with this theme! so colourful, so cheerful!

      the uni is still there
      i pegi mlawat a few years ago

      if honeymoon, go to London! or Paris! heeeeeeeeeeee~
      lagiiii happening! 😀 😀
      can je go there to further ur studies 😉

      snow reminds me of i kena kluar 10 mins awal from my place to be on time to class when usually 3 mins is more than enough
      ouch ouch xD

    • haha tengs 😛
      a’ah time dlm kete; shot ni lebih kurang kul 7pagi camtu 😛

      flight I landed kul 5pg camtu; so mmg best la sempat catch sunrise 😀

      • nikon ke canon?
        masa i nak bli dulu org kate, tgk la both model then try pegang
        the one yg u sedap pegang, that’s the one hihihihi

        since u baru nak start, better amik yg entry level/mid range punya
        lps ni klo nak upgrade boleh la pelan2 psl lagi pro lagi mahal haha
        d5100 not bad; my bro rekemen d3100 since he penah guna
        d3100 is entry level, d5100 mid range

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