it’s no joke when I’m saying that text art is fun but it could drive me insane!
I wasn’t lying either that my last nerve wrecking piece was in 2009; 2 YEARS AGO!

here are the completed (final version) of the freelance job that I took a few months back 😉
all 3 pieces are in A5 size – double, could be triple of the normal size I usually work with
the first 2 pieces were ok; took me 2 nights each (around 6 hours?) which was rather relaxing so I really took my time with those lol
but, the last piece (blue one) took me 4 nights worth of work which I ended up cramming in 2 nights – took me nearly 10 hours =.=
I actually redid it twice; the blue one hohohoho since I misunderstood something; so yeah, more than 20 hours in total? lol 😆

it wasn’t as simple as it seems 😛
try it, and you get what I’m saying here
either way, w00t! job done!

I do, and still am loving text art!
for self satisfaction, I might try different style sometime soon 😉
it feels yucky to realise how not creative I am – truth hurts and I’m hating it!

I’ve been thinking if its possible to write codes that could do what I’m doing manually for text art – hopefully I could get my lazy ass to try it out since it’s possible but I can’t think of the exact way to do it!
totally need to revise back since I can’t code by heart anymore right now =.=

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  1. Smart yg biru tu, ase mcm nk lompat mcm orang tu pun ada 🙂
    Mmg u ni detail orang nye. Boleh fokus part2 yg kecik2 tu.
    (yg text dkt jari tu ntah cmne lah u susun2, pening i)
    Klu i, arhhh.. nantok + pening ;p

  2. walau sukar klu minat tak der mslh deh..

    klu suri mau buat pastu ikan jap anak panggil kli seru aduiii…jawbnya keje tergendala tgh simpang…sampai siap jumpa penghujung jalan entahkan bilaa

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