Click 2!


I think I haven’t post this yet?
man, such bad memory I have! heeeeeeeeeee~
well, I can always check my older posts but… laziness FTW! lol

anyway, I still haven’t been taking new photos
it’s not that I’ve been staying home; I did went out but hrmmmm… its never the right time for photos – EXCUSES, SHUT IT!

aaaanyway, here is the location for most of my Summer 2011 shots which can be found on my page, Noradila Photography @ FB

that’s just BUSHES!
it was near my place; so I usually went there when I need to do my groceries shopping which is nearby as well 😛
I’d never dive into the bushes if it were in Malaysia – snakes! OMG! 😛

here’s a photo from the bushes above 😛
all the photos of flowers are from that bushes since I had no time to go to proper parks haha

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