more photos at Noradila Photography @ FB
I kind of miss taking photos of the nature
I’m not sure where in Alor Setar with awesome flowers apart from places that sell them haha
would they let me take photos of it without buying a single one? hrmmmmm~
kenyit2 mata, flirt2 sikit boleh pass ke? lol

there’s no butterfly farm here BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
but Alor Setar has nice museums for photoshoot haha
too bad the weather these days ain’t that great

nak amik gambar! nak! nak! nak!!! 😦

oh my~
random post! 😛

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  1. Hi adila ….
    lama tak tgok u. hui hui, 😉
    whooaa triple booo?
    cian Aloq Staq ;(
    but Aloq Staq has beautiful girls 🙂

    eh? itu bunga apa?
    Dulu i pernah terjumpa 1 bunga kt tenet yg mcm bunga…..

  2. …hmmm…how about finding bunga2 liar di sekeliling rumah? trust me, sometimes they look better than the ones in the garden. I received good feedback for one of Japanese Roses pix I put in flickr. I didn’t get any for roses…

    • my halaman dah di simen hehehehe~
      more hijau stuffs rather than bunga2 😦
      nice for the eyes but nothing interesting to take photos of, sadly

      the photos above, those ain’t from park/garden
      those are from BUSHES, seriously hehe

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