What’s your SECRET?


A few days ago I was asked this question…
How to become as clever as you?

I was speechless
was that a compliment or an insult?
I take that as a compliment; so, thank you for saying that I’m clever
korang rasa macam nak sepak I tak dgn statement I yg xbley blah ni? ekekekeke~

If you think I’m bragging, being so stuck up… seriously that is not my intention
there are things that you are better than me, obviously! 😉

how I wish I’m one of the top 3 geniuses in this world 😛
if I were, I’d try to get a country of my own or owning the world heeeee~ lolamboiiiii bkn main!
too bad I’m not and I’ve met tons of people who are way much better than me; be it in education, skills, life experience etc etc

during my undergraduate years, there is this one guy whom I think is brilliant!
he just graduated last year as he did an integrated master, MEng. I heard that he’s starting his PhD this October in another uni
good for him, I wish him best of luck since he deserves it! 😉

when I first knew him, I found him annoying; but when I got to know him, I got envy of his brain!
he’s not a show off person, well, I don’t think he was showing off; it was more like… he likes to help and teach other people especially when you ask him to explain some stuffs (or when he thought that you seem to need some help)
I’m an ego person, full with pride; so, being taught without I’m asking for it pissed me off lol

we once had this maths assignment during our first year and incidentally, he saw me in the library and joined me to do it together
I’m okay in maths but I easily forget things – including, if you were talking to me, try asking me what I was saying 5 mins ago, I more likely to have forgotten what I was saying lol

anyway, back to the story…
I was flipping through some books and the lecture notes to refresh my memory but him!
oh my goodness! he could solve it within a minute! It wasn’t a hard question, not that easy either
I was pretty much pissed off; why can he do it while I was still trying to refresh my memory?

so I was saying something along this line… “Woah! that was fast! you’ve revised that chapter already?”
and… guess what!
he came to classes prepared; read what the lecturers are going to teach in the next class beforehand and revise what has been taught every single night!
hats down! how many people do that? I bet only 1 out of 100 students would do that! – I didn’t either lol once a week was what I did ehe~

I did worked as a teaching assistant before, assisting the 2nd year students in Software Engineering subject
…a lot of students didn’t read the lab sheet beforehand, didn’t try to understand what was required and didn’t bother to try things out
I was once asked to explain what the lab sheet was about to them when they didn’t take the initiative to try it themselves
worse, there were students whom only bother to understand the content of weeks of the lab sheets at the end; when it was nearer to their assignment deadline
is that the attitude to get excellent mark? YOU’RE SO DEAD. PERIOD!
I can’t sit the exams for them, right?

I don’t know about genes or whatnot but I am certain that no one is good in something without putting any effort in it
do you think it’s fair when someone tells that friend of mine, OMG YOU’RE A GENIUS! when the truth, he worked his ass off every single day, cramming things into his brain until he can know things without flipping the books anymore?

if you have the drive, motivation and aim, InsyaAllah you will succeed
if you don’t succeed, that just means you didn’t put enough effort
does it make sense to fail in something when you have worked extremely hard? NO!
…well, things could happen unexpectedly

anyway, I just wanted to show off some graduation photos of my fellow friends that I took in July ehe~
the above story was just as a reminder and advice to those who think that they can’t get good results because they are not born as a genius 😛
this friend of mine is also going into PhD starting this October or was it in January? lol
brilliant guy 😉
and oh, this is not the guy I was talking about previously

btw, the graduation for my uni this year was at Westminster which is so near to the Parliament, London Eye and Westminster Abbey
totally the best location for photos! 😉

here are some photos that I finally had my hands on 😛

and here are some other graduation photos of mine
Noradila Nordin BEng 1st Class Hons
Noradila Nordin Graduation
Dr Dina Nordin MBBS (Lond)

6 responses »

  1. Adila, ur boyfren ke kat sana?
    Hensem… 😉
    the right side, mcm muka ashton kutcher lah 🙂
    Seyesly, nampak happening dkt sana time graduate
    Lepas tu dpt kenal dgn org2 superb genius kt sana.
    Nak jugak

      xla kwn je
      nak wat camne dept i tu penuhhhhh dgn lelaki
      so kwn2 i lelaki je la 😛

      time graduation taun ni mmg bes sgt2!
      dah la in the middle of tourist punya attraction tpt2
      kitorg jln2 with this friend of mine still pakai gown ni n ramai tourists along the way yg congrats him AAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

  2. Errrkk sedih tgk gambo nie.. My graduation photos kena cilok. My brother cakap somebody dah ambik dari kedai. Sapa ler tuuuuuuuu????? Yg peliknya nape kedai tu kasi lepaskan entah ler.. Yer lah org bayar. Nasib baik sikit yg ambik sendiri. Tapi yg time terima scroll tu na da.

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