to be honest, it has been a while since I last created one until I started again earlier this month (pretty much that’s what I’ve been doing now)
I think, the last completed piece that I did was somewhere at the end of 2009 hehe
My gallery with all my text art can be seen at Adila.deviantArt

anyway, I got myself into it again when a few months ago I got contacted to do a freelancing job regarding my text art
and I said YES!
…so I have up till end of this month to finish all the text arts; 3 text arts and I’ve done 1, another piece which I just completed today need some changes so pretty much I have to redo everything from scratch lol

I’m hoping to finish this one by tomorrow or the day after and then start with the final piece which is where the real challenge begins! It’s gonna be harder than what I did in the video below

and… the piece that I need to redo later on, I recorded how I did it haha since I had a lot of people asking how I did my text art
of course there are a lot of typography artists out there that are way much better than me; with much better skills
hopefully now you know how I do mine and if you’re up for it, go on and try it!
but take note that it takes HOURS to complete a piece and lots of patience 😛
the 1st piece that I ever done took me 5-6 hours but now? well it depends; 1-3 hours are usually what it takes now for easy pieces
more complicated ones take longer, obviously! 😛

here goes! 🙂

and here’s my first ever piece that got me hooked to typography

p/s: I haven’t been going out taking photos, so no photos yet 😦 hopefully I’d be taking some good photos tomorrow! 😀
and… I think my DIY softbox is nowhere to be found, so no lego photos until I make myself a new one =.= it won’t take long but, well… lazyness FTW! 😛

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  1. We’re pink kers Adila. 😉
    hehehe. I download video tutor ni. Sukeeee!
    Baru i faham mcm ne nk buat text art ikut shape
    Lepas dah abis letak text, bru buang shape kan?
    Dulu i igt kene guna AI.
    Many2 Tengs! 🙂
    Tpi mmg hebat u plus rajiness
    Nak lagi video tutorial

    • heeeeeeeeeee~ no prob 😉

      a’ah lps dah siap buang shape tu
      shape tu utk base awal2 je

      btw, nak vector pun boleh je guna PS, xyah guna AI
      bila2 i rajin i buat tutorial tu plak

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