Paint paint paiiiiinnt~


SHINee’s fan anyone?
I do like their songs and the clumsy, aDORKable Onew heeeeeeee~
I was bored and had too much free time (not really, but I just wanted to slack off hehe) so I ended up with this!

It’s not a new piece; I was working on it on the day I arrived in Malaysia… an hour before my flight to Alor Setar haha
yes yes, I was doing the line art and painted the eyes at KLIA =.=
that showed how bored I was πŸ˜›

It’s not completed yet; still need more touch up to be done
and… I might leave the hair part till the end since I’m bad in it lol

here’s how I did it
… I talked in such a confusing manner LOL
hopefully it makes sense xD

and here’s the result of the work in progress up till the end of the video πŸ˜‰
I’m not sure when I’ll be finishing this heeeeeee~
The whole processes which you can see from the video took me nearly an hour πŸ˜›
take note that I’m not done yet with the lips part since I’ve forgotten how to do it properly, so I need to refer to some tutorials lol

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    • i pun sukaaa!!
      mv dia pun best kan!
      sgt cantik klo leh amik gambar guna mv set diorg tu!!!

      accent? hehe english i pelik πŸ˜›

      nnt mata tu i buat video asing
      yg ni i dah buat siap2 mata tu awal2 i start, tu yg i xrecord hihihihhii

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