Goodbye my room!


well, I’ve been neglecting my blog for some time hehe
I actually thinking of updating it a few times already but I have no idea what to write about

I arrived in Malaysia on Sunday and since then, I’ve been away from my laptop lol
from London, my flight was at 10pm but I was there around 4pm since I got kicked out from the place I stayed in haha
I had to checked out at 12 to be exact, but I told them I’d be out later since I was going straight to the airport
here are some pictures of my empty room and kitchen 😦

even though I hate all the noises there – seriously, it was DAMN NOISY! I’d miss that place
I was in another room before this for… 2 years? I was in a studio flat which had its own kitchen
this year; well for my MSc year, I moved to a smaller room; 3 persons flat with a shared kitchen (each room has its own bathroom)
– the photos aren’t at the right position and such since I made photoshop merge it for me and obviously I didn’t recorrect it hehe
I’m not promoting the place, so heck! 😛


and the corridor!

I bid BYE BYE to that room and place at around 3pm and headed to the airport
I was way too early at the airport so I ended up doing digital painting while waiting for the check in counter to open lol
I had my ears plugged, so I have no idea how many people actually talked to me asking what was I doing, and what is that tablet thingy
I only realised 2 of them did talked to me heeeee~ whoops!

btw, just as a side note, overweight luggage is charged at £40 for 1kg – yes yes for MAS
you’ll get extra 5kg if you have Enrich (25kg is the basic for economy class; so maximum you’ll get is 30kg) and pay for the rest, exceeding 30kg
– do people at the check in counter usually make a fuss of that? no, right? I’ve been flying a lot of times and NEVER been asked to pay extra money
I was rather annoyed at that

aaaaanyway! when I arrived at KLIA, my flight to Alor Setar was delayed! urghhh!! it was delayed for an hour during the London-KL flight as well 😦
so I was working on a new piece of digital painting while waiting for the flight since I had way too much time =.=
I’ll post those up in my next post… probably

I arrived home at around 10pm or so
and for the next few days, I was fooling around with this wonderful gadget…

yeah iPad is just too awesome! no wonder most people got one! that isn’t mine but I buat macam harta sendiri, boleh? hehe
I’m thinking of getting one myself, we’ll see how it goes since I’m penniless atm haha

I was onlining from there as well; games, fb, manga, etc etc
I didn’t turn on my laptop for some days since I got my hands on iPad
reading manga on it, is just too awesome! 😀
I am obsess with it! kyaaaa~

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  1. Gudbye my room je? gudbye my bf xde ke ? 😉
    U mesti jadi mcm homesick sbb dah duduk kt blik tu lama
    pastu nak tinggalkan dia, mmg akan rasa sedeh bangat. ;(

    Ur room n kitchen stylish habis. Mcm condo mewah

    eh comic tu ke yg u sllu layan?
    mcm best je jalan citer dia kan
    Hentai u layan ? hehehe ;p

      bf? ehhh zaman moden still leh get in touch mcm mana pun
      tu klo ade bf la kan 😛

      ahhh mmg sedih tinggal bilik tu! tpt tu! 😦
      tp of course rumah sendiri tetap paling best heeee~

      i sukaaaaaaa manga tu!
      crita aozora yell
      tp latest chapter yg dah di translate tu… huwaaaaaaa~

      u rase? heeeeee~

      • aozara, nnti boleh try baca.
        mesti citer romance ni
        sukeee. 😉

        i rasa u mmg layan hentai. heeee 😉
        sbb nye jrg kaki manga x layan. mesti terjebak punya

  2. pocket jeles ngan mereka yang pakai i pad sekarang,
    siap ada application utk baby lagi nak ‘touch touch’

    waah cantik nya bilik biarpun dah nak say ‘bye bye..’
    pocket kalau bilik yg nak say bye bye, mesti dah merekah dinding
    nya or tingkap nya dah tebelah heheheh:D

    • gi bli sbijik!! it’s awesomeeee~

      ish bilik tu kena jaga leklok
      klo tak nnt diorg potong kat deposit hehe
      lg plak slalu je diorg dtg check bilik; ade blue tag pun kenaaaa okeh!!
      ade kot 5-6 kali diorg dpt check dlm staun

      tp klo ade rosak mana2, leh fill in report; bila2 org maintenance ada, diorg dtg repair 😉
      ni mmg throughout the contract la
      not bad, kan? heeeeee~

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