what I’ve been up to during the weekend?
actually… I’m going back to Malaysia for… good? maybe not. I still have my phD offer which is for Oct 2012 to think about 😛
but anyway, I am going to be in Malaysia for a few months or years if I were not to study again. Who knows 😉
so I have to move out; kena tendang seyh! plus my visa is expiring soon too lol

it’s so annoying
my hands, arms, shoulder, ache! urgh! and I’m bruising all over as well for being clumsy and tripped down by myself =.=
nothing serious, but that still pissed me off! 😆
the most annoying part is, when taping the boxes in the end, as I was doing it by myself
no one to hold it when I was about to tape it!
you have no idea how many times I had to stop myself from cursing LOL – penat je puasa kalau maki2 plak kan? hohoho sabar je la

oh well, it’s all done now 😀
I need to give away all the stuffs that I’m not shipping back to Malaysia or simply toss it away
my room is practically… empty!
it feels weird 😛

I’d post the photo of my place when I’ve tidy it up ehe~
it’s still a mess even though most stuffs are gone already – I collect rubbish? OMG! lol
I suppose, I’d clean things up tonight before bed time 😉

my room is pretty small, so I put my boxes along the corridor lol
4 boxes of books + lecture notes + exam papers and 2 boxes of miscellaneous

next, gonna toss things away in the kitchen
I’m not gonna cook for the next few days since I’ve emptied my fridge already hehe

this doesn’t feel real!
I’m going back to Malaysia next week! OMG!
but before that, I really need to worry about my viva this 31st
hopefully it goes well, AMIN!

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  1. pindah? as if abih study dah n nak kena balik malaysia for good or,
    pindah rumah sebab nak gi cari tpt yg lebih vogue?

    anyway pindah rumah memang la memenatkan,
    lagi pulak wat sesorang. pergh!!!
    kotak tu besh kan:D
    kononnya diorang study kotak tu bagi mudah diangkut
    (salah satu lebarnya is shoulder width)

    anyway, slamat ari raya tau!! 😀
    balik malaysia nanti, u owe a hari raya to yourself.
    beraya jer jgak.. biarpun dah raya ke lapan 😀

    • yep psl dah abes study n tanak study dah hihihihi

      mudah tak mudah
      boleh patah pinggang gak la nak angkat haha

      selamat hari raya jgak 😀
      yep i raya puasa enam even tho i tak puasa 6 pun ehe~

  2. Adila will comeback to Malaysia lah. yay!
    Mesti byk buku dalam kotak2 tu 🙂
    Eh adila, amiklah PHD nnti , klu sy dpt offer, sy xkan lepaskan 😉
    Whoaa, seronoklah sy sbb…
    dpt kawan dgn orang pandai (tengah seyum sorang2 ni + bangga nyeeeww..)

    • heeeeeee~
      buku xde la byk sgt. kena spread masuk 4 kotak psl kalau hentam semua satu kotak mmg patah pinggang la nak angkat hihihihihi

      sy ingat lps ni boleh la start nak fikir2 psl phD tu
      study ni best! tp phD 3-4 tahun
      lama tuuuuuu~
      xsure la camne

      study je nnt bila nak keje
      nak kawin lagi WAKAKAKAKAKAAK 😛

  3. Welcome home dear… welcome home gitew…

    bila sampai nanti jgn segan2 kita tembak menembak kat KL.. apa mcm?

    psst: mau tolong, tapi tangan tak sampai.. bikin sendiri slow ajelah ya adila.. ahaks..

  4. Hi Adila, how you doin’? Wow! You balek kampong?
    I’m sure you’ll be back again…..
    Anyway, here’s wishing you the very best of hari raya.
    Di susun sepuluh jari, meminta maaf zahir dan batin.
    Happy holidays!
    Selamat hari raya, Adila.
    Your friend.

    • selamat hari raya to you too Uncle Lee! 😀

      yep I’m going to balik kampung this week
      but might not come back to London since I’ve finished with my masters now 😦

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