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Lego Minifigures Series 5


I’m such a crazy collector!
if you missed my post of the past series, here you go! Series 4, Series 1, 2, 3

for series 5, the package is in light blue
I was confused a bit when I saw it since series 2 was also in blue
I’m not sure when was it released; I suppose that it’s not yet released in Malaysia since usually it’s a bit late there if I’m not mistaken
try finding in Toy’s R Us if there’s any
I only know there, where they sell minifigures

supposedly, series 5 is going to be released in September
some people were saying it was already in stores since early August – I have no idea since I only checked about it earlier today as I finally handed in my project stuffs; so pretty much I’m freeeeeeeee! I haven’t been going out for fun for nearly a month =.=

anyway! SERIES 6 IS GOING TO BE OUT IN JAN 2012! OMG OMG OMG!! The preview seems awesome! kyaaa!!!!

as always, I went to John Lewis to get these series 5
good thing they still have it in stock! 😉
I was amazed when I was at the toys floor! they’ve renovated it!
once you get off the elevator, it’s LEGO EVERYWHERE! OMG! LEGO HEAVEN! they totally improved + have a lot of Lego stocks for Lego! there was this Tower Bridge lego! too bad they don’t have this… merry go round thingy where I saw on the Lego website not long ago; cool stuffs, it can even move

John Lewis toy section, before this, Lego corner is just like… one small part of the toys section – pretty sad
but now? WOAAAHHHH!!!! there are sections (shelves to be exact) for Harry Potter lego, Ninja something something, Star Wars lego etc etc and also electronic lego stuffs; USB stick, watch, alarm clock etc etc
I’d get one if it’s not expensive; too bad those are rather costly 😦

errr I’m talking non stop about Lego ain’t I? hehe
I actually didn’t plan to go out earlier as I was catching up on my beauty sleep *cough*
but then I was like… HECK! let’s go out for the sake of it!
so I was at New Oxford Street to pick up my photobook that I sent in a month ago! LOL! from there, I walked towards Oxford Street; I did stopped at Hummingbird Bakery @ Wardour Street since I was craving for some cupcakes
darn! they cost a lot! =.= but they taste soooooo good! I love their carrot cupcake!
I got myself red valvet, black bottom and their day special rosy apple something something hehe

good thing that I went there as along the way, I spotted Ryman. I needed adhesive tape for my boxes since I’m moving out. For no reasons, it seems like I couldn’t find the tape that I wanted at stores that usually have them!
Ryman has it wheeeeee~ oh btw, I just realised that Ryman gives student discount. So, go flash your student ID there if you were to buy stuffs there

I did some window shopping as well hohoho
too bad there aren’t much sale as it was… last month? a lot of new stocks stuffs; yep! of course I could just stare at the price tag 😛
I planned to go all out with these Lego minifig, so it’s not a wise idea to shop till I drop; since I’m pretty much am broke ehe~
so I was mostly at the Lego section in John Lewis

I think, I was there for about an hour?
before, I usually would bring along the cheat sheet but I didn’t this time
so I had to guess what is in each package lol
and… I supposed, I got used to it, I ended up buying all 16 figures and all packages that I chose had different figure BWAHAHAHAHAHAAH

here’s the cheat sheet based on mine if anyone needed it
I’d say that out of all, the hardest to guess from touching the package is the Lizard Man. Others are pretty easy 😉

I can’t wait to get my hands on Series 6!
I was planning to take some photos of my minifig with printed background and stuffs since I still got around £20 printing credit in uni but… urgh! seems like the printers aren’t working properly =.=

either way, I’ll be staring at my new collection till I get tired of it MWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH
Lego minifig are just too awesome for words! KYAAAA!!!

p/s: As how it was before, the minifigure is £1.95 at John Lewis. I did checked at Argos for previous series months ago as they were selling it at £1.35?
OHMAIGOD! I’ve just checked and they’re now selling series 1 and 2 for £0.99! that’s cheap! but the downside is, it’s not on display; so pretty much you can’t choose which figure you’d want 😦
well anyway, the cheapest you’d get for the latest series is only at John Lewis for £1.95. Other places are selling it at £1.99 and of course Hamleys is selling it at a much higher price! I’ve just checked, it’s £2.00, not bad. they used to sell it at £3.00