oh mai~
I seriously am getting irritated each second now lol

my project is due on on Thursday, so I have like… 5 days left!
report, presentation slides… sort of done but not quite; I’m still going through it

I went to see my supervisor yesterday, so I sort of need to redo, put things together again for my slides
and go through my reports + add parts that are missing
…and I have this weekend to finish things up since I’m meeting my supervisor again this Monday πŸ™‚

supposedly, I’m done with the coding of my program
but as I’m going through my report, I keep on changing here and there; both the report and the program!
oh dear~
hopefully I won’t mess things up

last week, I was messing around with my codes and… I’m not sure where or what I did, but my program ended up crashing all the way lol
since debugging takes hella lot of time, I ended up redoing some parts which took me one whole day =.= I thought my arms were going to give in! haha
anyone using Labview? It’s an awesome graphical programming language… well if you’d call that as a language

I’m no Java expect, or C but I do know those
whether I like it or not, my project implements C codes as well haha
and I’m dealing with tcl script, shell script, batch files yadda yadda

oh well~
hopefully… really… HOPEFULLY! I could finish up the program, simulation, report and slides by today so that I could do last minute touch up tomorrow
…I might need to redo some parts when I meet my supervisor this Monday but hey! whatever gives me better marks, BRING IT ON!
hopefully things will go just fine, InsyaAllah

I’m thinking of touring London a bit after I hand in my project – OHYES PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS!!
will see how it goes since I still need to pack my stuffs as I’m moving out

here’s a photo taken back in… June? July?
I’m not sure if there are still lots of flowers in London or all had died? lol

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  1. Adila, this story made I thinking that you are computer science student right? I love to do programming especially java and php. I never knew about Labview. Good info for me. Thanks. If you don’t mind, please share your project UI with me (post in your blog). hehehe. I just want to know how you implement your project interfaces not the codes.

    p/s Kalau kita jumpa I kasi u bunga okay. πŸ˜‰

    • no lar. I’m a telecoms student
      I dulu comp engineering student time undergrad

      I pun suka programming but suka and good in it are 2 different things ehe~

      my UI for my project is sgt… basic since my project main focus not kat the UI
      nnt I explain in another blog post
      but seriously, u should try Labview. u can implement database, java, matlab etc etc within Labview
      sgt menarik!

      p/s: AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! now I’m speechless πŸ˜›

      • Sory mis adila.
        Klu sy singgah mana2 blog omputih.
        mmg sy tulis omputih untuk proses learning.
        So jangan mad dgn my word ye πŸ˜‰ hehehe
        Mungkin sbb english, sy xlepas ke london kot. ;(

      • ish no worries la
        guna je whichever language you want πŸ˜‰

        I xde pun terrer english
        psl tu I tulis my blog mostly in english haha
        klo psl tak, for sure I won’t hv the confidence to even use it in real life heeeeeeeee~

        sorry if I offended you since I reply campur2
        I really didn’t think much as I reply

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