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Pizza? YUM!


this is just a random post haha
during the first few days of Ramadhan, I was like… dangg!!! I’m craving for pizza!
of course I got lazy to go out even though there are places just 5 min away walking from my place – psshhh there’s no cure for laziness!
so I went to pizza hut website and that was my first ever ordering food delivery since I usually just suck it up and go have whatever I’d be craving for whenever I’m out (last time… I was craving for GBK burger – Camembert & Cranberry end of last year and I only had it after a few months even though the place is just 10 mins away by tube lol

since I’m having my dissertation soon, there are a lot of things to be done as well, so I’m so not in the mood to even step out of my room
and I don’t sleep during normal hours as well (been awake all night until 7-9am and sleep at 9-1pm or so haha)
I can’t concentrate during the day, I’m pretty much focus during the evening + early morning – burung hantu betul!
it’s hard to stop the work when you’re on a roll, right? 😀

here’s how yours truly desk looks like right now; I did push things aside to give some space for my pizza AHAHAHAH!!

anyway, back to pizza hut!
back in Malaysia, I’d get seriously pissed over ordering pizza over the phone
the last time I ordered, they connected me to KL even though I’m in Kedah; and I had trouble explaining where my house it
oh come on! as if a KLian would know the locations in Kedah! why can’t just the Kedah branch handle the order instead of passing it through KL?
of course I understand it’s about centralizing the order bla… bla… but that’s plain ANNOYING
I’m not sure how it is now since I’d just walk in to the branch near my house; 5 mins away and order right there haha

back to London pizza hut!
I ordered the pizza, of course online la
and I’d say it’s pretty smooth ordering
click click click and there you go!
one of the interesting thing that got me amused for some time is the way the order is placed
hear this hear this…

– which means you can order for tomorrow today! order siap-siap! lol

ain’t it awesome? I wasn’t expecting them to be on time, but seriously they do!
I was specifying that I wanted my pizza to arrive at 8pm and BAM! it really arrived at 8pm – and the pizza was still hot!
I ordered today saying I want my pizza at 5pm and I got it at 5pm! whooooo!

since I was amazed with the service, I went to check how Malaysia pizza hut is
and… as expected, it’s as annoying as hell!
first of all, you HAVE TO REGISTER before anything else
and guess what! it took some time before you get the email saying your registration got through
if I wanted a pizza right then but just registered, there’s no way I’d get my pizza ASAP!
totally a turn off!
I’d rather go off lepak at kedai mamak! hmph!

pizza hut here, in the UK, you register towards the end
and you don’t even need to enter your address! lol
just the postcode
so pretty much they just ask for your name, phone number and postcode and there you go!
you do not need to login when ordering; only in the end when they need your address for delivery

pretty awesome kan? no wonder a lot of people go for delivery!
and whats more, there are awesome offers too!
every Tuesdays, pizza hut has this buy 1 get 1 free deal haha – I am a penniless student 😛

here’s what I got today; 2 large pizza for myself – this will last me a week of pizza! omg!

I was talking to my bro earlier and he was saying that he hasn’t heard of piri piri stuffed crust yet
I supposed it’s coming soon to Malaysia
it tastes pretty good 😀

piri piri stuffed crust

cheesy bites