photo above is the Barts graduation today 😉
(hrmmm… I wonder why the colours turn out a bit yucky in here? it looks good in facebook)
I won’t be posting other photos of the graduation as it’s not mine (unless I get the permission to but I don’t think I’d post if up here)
pray hard that I’ll be graduating this December AMEN!

anyway, it been a while since I last take photos of people (DUH!)
I came to realise that candid, event type, is so not what I’m good in
…just when was the last time I took photos during an event? xD lol
I think, the newest was during my sis friend’s engagement
I didn’t get much practice in it so it’s not my strong point

I suppose that I’d only accept individual photoshoot next time since I have confidence in that
I’d do events if I’m just a backup since I don’t want to spoil someone’s event

anyway, I’d be having individual/group photoshoot this Thursday – I think?
my friends of the same department are graduating! w00t!

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  1. …practice make perfect kan kan kan..

    nanti sudah ada masa terluang boleh practice tangkap event.. heheheh
    bakat sudah ada
    keupayaan pun ada
    cuma lack of practice plus confident aje tu..

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