£70m Mansion


£70m Mansion
if only I have way too much money to throw away, I’d get a mansion haha 😛
each room would have different interior design; each room is a studio itself
how nice is that?
cafe, restaurant, pub, vintage, english, japanese style room setting etc etc
I’m soooo not going to go out at all! haha

but obviously it’s gonna be a nightmare when it comes to cleaning up! (and bills!)
oh wait! £70m mansion of course I’d have tenths of maids! lol 😆
isn’t it nice? to have an indoor swimming pool, bowling alley etc etc 😛

I can’t imagine myself having a house; an apartment is more likely is my type (or a studio)
but it would be nice to get a penthouse hohoho~

with all that said, I’d be staying with my parents la! 😛
it’s fun to live with the family around rather than all by myself

…as if that’s easy to do lol

anyway, I’m just talking rubbish
here goes a photo of a rose 😉
lots of roses are around, I wonder if I’d have time to go to Regent’s Park for their awesome rose garden
I took this when I was at Victoria Park suntanning 😛
…AHAHAHA!! as if! I couldn’t concentrate with my project so I went out taking with me the research papers and sat in the park instead of at home

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    • tau xpe. ntah2 bilik maid sama besar dgn normal room rumah biasa

      uih! main sembunyi2, 5 taun baru jumpa kot
      tu boleh jadi rumah hantu dah

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