Picnic @ Hyde Park


yours truly finally went out to meet some friends lol
I’ve been lazying around; not much progress with my thesis so I’m getting worried
so I went to see some friends which I hardly meet (either graduated or not having classes together)

we met up at Hyde Park and I must say, I can’t remember the last time I was there
maybe last year? lol
by chance, I did found the rose garden which I couldn’t find the exact location last year haha when I was trying to find the exit from Hyde Park
Hyde Park is huge!
I was walking from Kensington Garden to middle of Hyde Park; so I sweated like buckets! hehe

here’s a picture of me talking to a friend πŸ˜›
we did clean everything up if you’re wondering about the mess haha

…and here are some photos of a squirrel that kept on eyeing on our food AHAHAHAHAHA!!
it ran away after be given marshmallow lol
I have more shots of it; so I might post it up some other time πŸ˜‰
ain’t it cute? *keep as pet* lol

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      • wakakakaka!!!
        tupai boleh makan ke? BBQ tupai nak? haha πŸ˜›

        tupai tu makan apa saja kot hihi

        rimau kat zoo
        nak pegi zoo tp skrg tgh peak
        pegi sesak2 dgn org xbes la 😦
        nak kena bukak zoo sendri mcm ni haha

  1. Hi Adila, I loved Hyde Park with that ‘Speakers corner’. As well Serpentine lake……
    Used to go there in Summer, after buying fish & chips at a shop near Marble Arch, sit in the park and makan….
    Used to walk across to other side…..with my friends….
    Beautiful park ring in middle of the city.
    Nice pic of you and friend. How come so much barang2?
    Have a great week, Adila,

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