Daily Archives: June 28, 2011



I take back what I said about London rain
please rain 😆
it’s only been… uhh 2? 3? days without the rain and the heat is just ridiculous!
of course I have my fans but, heat circulating in my room? I thought that I’d be roasted for sure!

I was talking to my flatmate earlier and she was saying how she was using the scarf a few days ago because it gotten colder and today?
she doesn’t dare to go out because of the heat lol too hot to go out! (I did went out 😛 in the tube, it was blazing hot!)
shops are equipped with aircond
AHHHHH!!! blissful!

anyway, the forecast is saying that it would rain tomorrow (and the day after as well)
since the forecast is usually wrong, I won’t get my hope up haha
I guess I’ll go hanging out at my uni computer lab as they have aircond there lol