Daily Archives: June 24, 2011

الحمد لله


Do be happy on my behalf will you? 😛
I actually just got my exams result and… YAAAYYYYYY!!!
for now, MSc with Distinction is there, within my sight; so I seriously need to do good in my project since if I screw up, I won’t get the distinction
my project is due in August; presentation and all in September
I’ll be positive and all, InsyaAllah I’ll do my best to achieve it 😉

The way it works here is, if you get 70% and above for subjects and project, it’s distinction
65% and above for subjects and project is merit
other than that, it’s pass

I was pretty scared earlier on, and for the past days I couldn’t sleep well at night – yes I worried too much
There was this one subject that I thought I flunked; but alhamdulillah, I actually passed it 😀
I passed all 8 modules with pretty good overall average as well (which is unexpected!)
I wasn’t expecting to get a distinction, so I’m soooo…. overwhelm right now!
I’m really really really hoping I’d do well with my project as well

I was meeting my friends just now as they were in uni; they were doing undergrads degree so they’ve done their project last semester
and their project marks are good!
so I do worry about how my project is going to be like… errrrr that’s making me nervous

anyway if you think I’m bragging with my result and whatnot… oops, sorry
I’m just too happy right now and I feel like telling the whole world about it!
I did called my dad just now hehe even though I knew he’d be sleeping lol
– sorry dad! I just have to tell you about this no matter what! 😀

mommy!! faster wake up and skype with me
I need to let you know!! 😀
I got my result at around 5pm London time; so it’s midnight in Malaysia

Alhamdulillah that things are progressing well for me at this moment; hopefully it will continue like this into the future 😉