Sunny Day!


it’s sunny! I thought that it’s going to rain again today
so I ended up staying in 😦
aaaahhhhh what a waste!
I’m regretting it now lol

weather forecast lied again
it was saying that it’s gonna rain for the whole week
so I was pretty much bumming on my bed as I couldn’t sleep well last night
I wasn’t feeling well and in the end, painkiller saves the day! πŸ˜†

supposedly, I need to go out as I’m low on painkiller but I got lazy as I’m feeling slightly better now
hopefully it won’t get backfired or I’m so not getting any sleep tonight =.=

anyway! such an awesome day, with the sun out and all
I did think of going out for a quick photos at the nearby park (again) but since I had some stuffs to do, I was telling myself that I’d go for a walk after I’m done with my work
guess what?
it was late by the time I’m done boooo me!

AHHHH!!! hopefully there’s sun tomorrow as well πŸ˜‰
even if there’s none… I’ll still go out and play! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
so in the mean time, I should get some work done now – a lot of things to do yet I could only think of playing around haha

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