Test Shot


…ok so it has been a while since I last took proper photos hehe
London has unpredictable weather as usual; so I rarely bring my camera out whenever I feel like going out
I’m still putting the butterflies shot on hold due to the weather; hopefully the butterflies exhibition not gonna end soon, I need to check to confirm about this
it would be fun if everyday is a sunny day
at least I could go to places and take outdoor photos

anyway, I was feeling a bit out of it today
supposedly, Shinee is coming to London through Heathrow today
and being such a fangirl, I was thinking of going haha – paparazzi shots seem nice, right?
they’re having a concert tomorrow at Abbey Road Studios which sadly, I didn’t manage to be the lucky winner for the tickets 😦
I’ve never been there before, so I’m still thinking to go or not (more likely not as it seems like around 1000 of fans will be going to greet them; not being able to see them perform as only 130 people are with tickets if I’m not mistaken)
my laziness to go out wins over my fangirl craze πŸ˜›

so, instead of staying home, I went out for a walk towards Victoria Park (actually, I needed to do my groceries haha so I have to go out anyway)
half way through, it rained hehe; I was expecting that to be honest
plus I was walking just to see places that I could stop at for photos – yes yes, walking aimlessly
I came across this spot where it is full of daisies, poppies and several other flowers which I have no idea of the names
it’s a field of flowers! totally awesome! I’m hoping they won’t get rid of it soon

as it was raining, I stayed under the bridge for some time with hope the rain will stop – there was this bridge next to the field (so called field)
…but the rain didn’t stop; instead, got heavier!
so I couldn’t get the angle that I wanted as I was trying not to get my camera wet
I’d be going there again soon whenever it’s sunny again

here’s a test shot while I was under the bridge, sheltering from the rain haha
and I think I’ll be doing square photos from now on πŸ˜‰
it suits flowers more than normal rectangular shape

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  1. Cumil shoot n bunga ni.summer just like last year ek?tp sonok gak mndung kdg2 bila byk sunshine kt sana kering sgt

  2. alamak.. my camera went to “hospital” for treatment this morning…
    the set and preview button are malfunction… huhuhu

    It has began when I took wedding pictures on last weekend. Suddenly the button turn to not function!

    I returned the camera to HQ service center, since it is still under warranty..
    But then, they’re also do not know how to fix it and need to figure out first…
    They said the process would be taken about 7-10 working days…huhuhu

    sedih weiii….

  3. Hi Adila, thats a fantastic shot. You must have knelt down take this beautiful pic. Very creative too.
    Have fun, and yes, London punya weather ada gila la, ha ha.

    • thanks Uncle Lee!
      yeah, I got my jeans dirty haha
      but it’s worth it πŸ˜‰

      and London with it’s weather… totally unpredictable weather hehe

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