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Lego Minifig Series 4


Series 4 was out in… April? May? I can’t remember when exactly haha
I only checked regarding it after I finished my exams, early June

anyway, as usual, John Lewis is selling them at £1.95 while other places are £1.99
I was at John Lewis last week and guess what? IT WAS SOLD OUT! OHMAIGOD!
good thing there are still some left when I went earlier; only 1 box left though 😦
they usually display 2-3 boxes at the Lego shelf, 3-4 boxes at the cashier

to my surprise, they still have Series 2 and 3 on the shelf as well
not much though, 1 box of Series 3, only a couple of packets of Series 2
how I wish they still have Series 1 😦 – Argos seems to have Series 1 and they’re selling it at £1.49!
I’ll go check it out some time this week wheeeeeeeee~
I do have complete set of Series 2, 3 and missing a few of Series 1 and I missed 1 of Series 4
since Series 4 is selling like hot cakes, I guess I’ll be going to John Lewis again next week with hope they have more in stocks hehe

anyway! I wrote before on how in Series 1 and 2, you can know what’s inside via the barcode right?
starting from Series 3, there’s no barcode to indicate what’s inside only the barcode of the product, nothing else
so some genius out there found out that there are bumps at the bottom of the packets to indicate what’s inside

Series 4 is the same BUT!!! seriously, it’s harder… WAY TOO HARD! to see the bumps
some of the packets don’t even have bumps! *gasp*
and seriously… cheat sheets don’t help! I had 2 cheat sheets with me earlier but are totally different
I wonder if I got the US version or some sort
so I ended up feeling the packet and try to guess haha
luck was with me (even though in the end I got unlucky ouch!) so out of the 16 that I bought, 15 are different 😀
I only need the monster to complete my collection

here’s my cheat code based on what I got through my packets if it could help you out 😉
I haven’t got The Monster
feel free to compare this with other cheat codes to see which matches

I actually planned to just buy 5 first and come again next time
but… oh well~
I didn’t really have anywhere else to go (oh come on! if I start looking at clothes, shoes, handbags, do you think I could stop myself from buying? no way! haha)
plus, I’m not sure why, it seemed like there were way too many people went for shopping – it’s not school holiday yet, I’m pretty sure on that since I saw some kids wearing their school uniform
I prefer shopping or window shopping when there are less people 😛

when I was there, I took the whole box with me and sit down somewhere where I won’t block people walking by – usually there aren’t many people during weekdays but totally not today
took out the cheat code (which I then realise are not helping at all) while going through each packets in the box
one of the salesman there was talking to me and he was like… “a lot of people did that too” when he saw me checking the bumps haha
a few grandmas walked by and asked what was I doing haha!! I accidentally attract too much attention 😛
I was there for… nearly 2 hours lol no wonder eyh?
bought 5 packets, pay for it, check the content inside and find more to complete my set – that was how my 2 hours passed by 😛
that way I won’t waste much if I accidentally get the same one since I know what I’ve got already

you know… it got rather annoying when one of the worker there pass me by and she kept on staring at me as she walked
and not once or twice but lots of times!
but seriously, come on la
not that I’m stealing or doing anything bad
feel free to check me up if I do look suspicious; I got the receipt if anything to happen
don’t look please 😛
I’m a shy person *blush*
…or is it that I’m weird that people can’t help but to stare? O.o

I’ve been doing the same thing when I bought Series 2 and 3 there
and the salesmen during that time, instead of staring, they came and chat with me instead which they’d end up trying to figure out the cheat on the Lego packets as well haha
that’s the correct way to treat a customer, isn’t it?
staring is just plain rude

oh well~
whatever it is, not that I care much, I was feeling a bit offended that’s all
but that to happen at John Lewis… hrmmmmmm~
the workers there are usually friendly people especially since that is the kids and toys section
PMS maybe? 😛

some people just can’t stand looking at me I suppose even though I did nothing wrong
the week before, I went to dine out as I’ve been craving for GBK burger since last year but never got the time to go there haha
I had the window seat and I was looking out as it was a lovely day and the sun was out. Opposite the place is St Paul cathedral so there were lots of tourists passing by. It’s very likely that I’d be looking at the people walking past me from inside of the restaurant
then, this van drove past the restaurant and I guess the traffic light was red so he was at my line of sight
I did nothing to offence him, but he suddenly got mad while looking at me and start pointing fingers. What an awesome attitude heh! *sarcastic*
I was like… WTF? mental problem?

so what I’m trying to say here is… mind your own self
I’m not committing a crime or doing anything crazy and unacceptable
why should the way I act when I’m having a good time, bother you?
oh come on! I was being me, don’t like it? hush! scram!
it’s as easy as that
there’s no need to pick a useless fight

p/s: I ended up ranting heeeeee~ btw, I haven’t taken a single decent photo yet. London been raining which made me wonder what season it is in now actually lol plus I’m still sorting things out regarding my MSc project 😉