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    • Amboi….

      Pokcik ooii….!

      Nak pinjam spek besor tu sebab nak tutup lebam kat mata ke ? Nanti kita panggil Darling, biar tambahkan lagi satu lebam, hehe…

      Adila, nanti ajaklah pokcik Maza tu photoshoot sama, tapi cari model yang lebih ‘muda’… sesuailah dengan pokcik tu. 😆

      Dina nampak garang sikit dengan spek besor tu.

  1. Hello Adila, you study hard first….and go exceed yours, your parents, and everyone’s expectations.

    And glad you enjoy photography. Me too.
    Have fun, and always remember, it’s not the camera, but the person behind the camera.
    Some take pictures, while the few create pictures…..
    And you one of the few.
    Have a great weekend, stay beautiful.

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