Monthly Archives: May 2011

Photo Update #5


when was the last time I converted photos to black and white?
it feels like aaaaaaages ago! HAH!

anyway, old photo again
it’s in my fb ages ago heeee~

btw, 2 more weeks; 3 more exams to go
I might not post anything anymore until it’s June
no more processed photo left in my draft 😦

Photo Update #3


Hello again! I just finished with my 2nd exam earlier today and… well, don’t ask about it =.=
I still got 6 more to go; no more exams this week so I have a few days to breath! (but totally no time to take photos haha)
I’ve been staying home all the time even though London is so darn bright these days! (but still chilly! I thought I’d froze in the exam hall just now!)
is not winter, right? 0.o
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I totally want to go out and have fun! 😦
ditch the books? lol no no, I need to behave 🙂

Anyway, these are old shots taken when I was in Malaysia last month?
I have a feeling that I might touch up these photos again next time
I had this post in draft for ages! haha

p/s: I didn’t go and see the Royal Wedding, but a friend of mine did and *gasp* it looked awesome! she had photos of them on the… carriage passing through
if only it’s after my exams, I’m so camping out! haha 😛
so Prince Harry, please get married this year too and have a bombastic ceremony so that I can join the crowd 😛 heeeeeee~