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  1. wow! Dr.Dina.. you so good & bergaya gitew.. hehehe

    and adila as usual, awesome pics.. good job girl.. I’am so envious on your talent.. huhuhu

    Ahhh, itu la a Canadian Timber wolf sounds, ha ha.
    Adila, You look like a million bucks! Macham bintang film.
    Compliments to the photographer.

    By the way, is that Penang, Gurney drive? Or Monte Carlo, Nice?
    Or Geneva? I’m guessing its Penang, Gurney drive.
    I like how you pose….you da pergi modelling school at Regent street ke?

    You da dapat tu Royal invitation card from anak Elizabeth kawain to their wedding? Ha ha ha.
    Sampai fed up hari2 kelaur papers, what she wearing, going to wear la…..ni Mat sallehs going gaga over that coming bersanding.

    You have a nice day Adila, stay young, stay beautiful and have fun….
    And lagi sekali, Wheeeeeeeeet…….Wheeeeeewwww!

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