Photo Update!


I have no idea what to write… or rant heeeeeee~
actually, I wanted to rant about the siputmyx speed I’m having lol (and how it connect and dc me)
I left my laptop on to download something since last night and… the download died on me when it only have 43Mb left out of 944Mb
sorry baby I left you on for too long. get some rest now *shuts down*

oh well, I might just download it when I’m back in London
at least, the connection is reliable and faster! 1Gb? an hour is more than enough! hmphhhh!!!
I need the downloaded file for my MSc project btw, that’s why I’m pretty much desperately trying to download it now xD

aaanyway! here are some photos that I took last week in Penang; still got tons more to edit which I’ll leave it till next time haha
I too got another set of photos which I haven’t go through yet lol (of somewhere in Kuala Kedah)

on other note… I need to speed up my revision processes
I’m taking too much time on 1 subject even though it’s making me understand things from cover to cover lol xD

anddddd AAAAHHHH!!!! CandidSyndrome is in London!
if I were there, I’d go attend their workshop =.=
Everybody knows how awesome they are tsk!
I’m missing the chance! grrrrrrr!!!!

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  1. Adila, you sure have style, and great taste in clothes.
    Love your this outfit!
    And that pokok kelapa high heels, ha ha ha.
    London style, YSL sunglasses, Dior slacks….
    Kate Middleton pun kala, ha ha.

    By the way, you attending her wedding?
    Have a nice day.

    • thanks Uncle Lee
      btw, that’s my sister la
      I love taking photos more than getting in one 😉

      the wedding? nah, not interested lol
      but I am interested to see how grand and awesome the photos will look like
      I’m so looking forward to that! 😀

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