Back for a while


…with wacky connection, I won’t be online that much – plus I have 8 modules to revise on
it was so annoying that loading a page took minutes! urghhh!!!
come on streamyx! shame on you!

I’ve got my timetable already; this is just for my reference 😛

okay! since I’m home, apart from doing my revision I too play with my camera when I feel like it
I still haven’t install photoshop in my laptop; so I was using bro’s computer instead
awesome huge monitor, totally a good one for photo post processing 😛

here goes something that I took on the… 2nd April? which I just edited earlier
it’s different from my usual style 😛

p/s: I HATE being told things along this line… “gi tangkap gambar je bila masa study?”
let me tell you something; I DO study; and what I want to do (even if I don’t want to study) is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! 😉
and to this specific person, puhlissss~ you haven’t got ur first degree yet, please worry about yourself
I don’t mind people reminding me to balance things properly if they are far older and better than me
being told from someone who’s younger? do worry about yourself; I at least got a 1st class degree in Engineering even though you think I was fooling around a lot 😛 – not trying to brag, but please think before you say something; it’s ANNOYING 😉

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  1. LOL. Cant believe that ada orang boleh cakap macam tu! Even my parents dont say anything about my hobby suka amik2 gambar nih. Just cakap jangan asyik keluar je. Hehe.

    • kan!!!
      like seriously… study 24/7 boleh pecah kepala otak kot!! ade ke org study non stop? never heard of it!
      of course la we need something we like yg can make us relax (or at least enjoy)

      I don’t really mind org bagi advice but kena tau la the limit pun
      ni jenis cakap without knowing anything; memandai2 je nak perli2

      the older the person is of course diorg ada lg byk life experience; I don’t mind them reminding me about my main priority and such – they know things better and they phrase things in an acceptable way

      senang ckp… some ppl are just jealous NGIAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH

  2. alahai cool down dear.. maybe it’s a compliment kot? dia wondering how you manage to excel in both study and tangkap gambar.. Kawe pun impressed! 😀

  3. Hi Adila, wow! Looking at your time table saya pun mabuk.
    But it is very impressive. And wayyyy to go!
    Hey….is that you? Holy Smoke!
    Under different circumstances, seeing you in that beautiful outfit, saya tentu lepas handbrake….ha ha ha….

    You really looking good, Adila.
    I bet boys have to take a nombor, huh? I nak potong que! Ha ha.
    You stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart.

    • slalu dgr!!
      tp sy bkn guna duit krajaan pun – loan kena bayar kan? hohoho tu pun lps 2nd yr baru dpt; tu pun barely cover fees je

      so i shut them up by tanya diorg, eh u dah bayar ke ur loan tu? ptptn is it? did u get a 1st class degree? no? membazir je duit krajaan tlg u! u study main2 ke? baik bagi i je duit tu, as least it’s a better pelaburan than spending on u
      mmg terdiam! i don’t mean to brag to them but u know… they should tau la the limit to perli pun as if they bagus sgt
      if they are sgt bagus xpe la jgak hohoho

      i have nothing against org yg dpt ptptn or local uni
      uni jgak mcm mana pun; still bagus
      don’t get me wrong la
      if org xbagus, xmasuk uni la
      even org yg xmasuk uni pun bagus jgak; they hv other skills that org lain xde 😉

      sblm tu… since my 1st yr kat oversea pun dah dgr yg pedih2 jgak
      things like… just because ur parents can afford it psl tu u study oversea not because u hv what it takes…

      mintak scholar, i was told i’m not good enough; even for my masters, with my 1st class degree i was told right on my face i’m not good enough
      menggelegak woooo!
      ikutkan hati mau je buat scene kat pejabat pegawai sekian itu haha

      what to do kan, xde luck
      been in that sakit hati mcm mau tembak je, org dengki moment for.. nearly 5 yrs now n skrg pun still ada org say the same thing over n over again (udah2 la nak cari gaduh pun)

      msia is a nice country, i might have met the wrong people which gives me a bad impression of msian as a whole

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