End of Semester wheeee~


I finally am done with classes now 🙂
and reports! submitted the last one yesterday even though it is due next week haha
wheeeeeeeeee holiday… NOT!
final exams gonna start in May; so I have 1 month to revise all 8 modules urgh!
and right after exams, I’ll have 2 months to start and finish up my project

I told you before that my laptop died right?
I’m rather annoyed with that until now as my project uses several programs that I had installed in that laptop
of course I can reinstall it again but it is such pain in the ass! I don’t mind if it’s straight forward stuffs but…. urghhh!!
installing ns2 is confusing; I was trying to install it earlier until I got an error somewhere lol

I’m so so so so sooooo glad that when I was doing my FYP last year, instead of having a soft copy, I also have a hard copy of the steps, installation, errors, codes written in my log book
I can only hope that I got everything written down or… well if not, I need to figure things out somehow haha

tbh, I’m worried about my project; I chosen to do Energy Efficient VoIP – something like Skype but not quite it – more of… how to have clearer voice call sort of thing
my last project was on wired network, but this time I’m going for wireless
so there would be some differences in the parameter settings and more! 2 months is like… omg so short!

anyway, I’ll worry about my project once exams are over heeeeee~
8 modules to revise… that totally is a lot! OMOOOOOOOOOO~
I totally need to keep counting down the days before the exams since it feels like I’m not yet in revision/exams mode
I’ll have fun this week going out during the day and revise at night (since I can mess up my sleeping time to the max! NGIAHAHAHAHAHAH)

here are some photos that I took earlier at Victoria Park
I’m so rusty in taking photos now! urghhhhh!!!!!! 😦

too bad the park is partly closed for… upgrading? hrm… that’s not the right word lol
there aren’t that many flowers blooming there
I suppose, I’d go check out Kensington Garden and Regents Park some time this week
or… I might go to London Zoo instead since the weather been pretty good lately (12-15 degrees!)
errrrrr it’s possible that I’ll be home all the time as well BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! 😛

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