finally done (nearly) with all the coursework and the semester is ending soon as well
so pretty much I have days to catch my breath now before the next deadline which is on the 30th

Anyway, it has been a while since I really take some photos
and London been really sunny for the past days – totally awesome!
I went for a walk earlier since the flowers are blooming all over the places woot!
yay for spring!

supposedly, I was planning of going to the nearby park but I got distracted on my way there and spent like… 2 hours? more? at this blossom tree which is like 1/3 to the park lol
oh well~
I guess that I’ll be going to the park soon since there are many kinds of flowers there 😉
I can’t miss that out!

I was excited with new photos and such; then to realise… I don’t have photoshop in my laptop
my old laptop died on me last week; 6 days before I need to hand in my coursework – I thought I’d die!
good thing I backed up my coursework stuffs
but… I’m not sure about gigs of photos that I have in that laptop 😦
hopefully it can be saved!

so for now, I’m using GIMP
anyone use it? I used it once before years ago, and hated it hehe
I’m a photoshop person; been using photoshop since I was 14? 15?
so yeah, I’m not used to the way GIMP is but tbh, it’s not that bad once I get a hang of it 😉
photoshop 5 seems awesome; time to upgrade! haha

anyway, here are some photos 😉
I might take some more photos tomorrow wheeeeeeee~

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  1. gambar yg lawa!!
    the only comment that i can say would be,
    would luv a bit more contrast to see the texture more.
    but then again… its not about the surface kan:D
    its more to the susunan… flow…

    anyway.. i like it:D
    musim bunga.. penang pun nak mari dah ^^

  2. wahh.. in London spring & blossom have taking place.. back in Malaysia kenduri kahwen lah fulaks.. hehhe

    so, I was occupied with wedding invitation for 3 weekends in roll..

    anyway, nice shot girl.. heheheh

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