Uni or back to school? UNI ALL THE WAY!


heeeeeee~ I haven’t been blogging for a while now
just to let you know, I’m still alive and kicking! πŸ˜›
It’s only that I’m currently struggling with my coursework which each week there’s a deadline (or 2 deadlines!)
as for now, I still have 5 more coursework to be done; 2 due this week, 1 next week, another one the week after than after that as well
how I wish it’s as simple as school work lol but no way I’m going back to my school life. NO WAY!

anyway, as my brain feels like bursting from reading too much about SOAP (XML anyone? xD) that I’ve gotten rather confuse myself, I went for a quick bloghop! πŸ˜›
and… Kak Tie posted about Wanie new school πŸ˜€
so… that got me back to the old times (eceh!) when I was in the boarding school for some months haha

I was one of the 2nd batch at SM Sains Seri Puteri; the one situated in the middle of KL!
seriously, nowhere else can beat that school when it comes to the scenery! being surrounded by buildings and of course KL Tower and KLCC are just in sight!
people usually think that boarding school is such a hulu, kampung school but SESERI is not πŸ˜›
going out during the weekend for outing was such a bliss!

but… since it is an old school, it’s expected that it looks… well… old? haha!
tbh, it wasn’t that bad
it’s an all girls school so for me, it was pretty… awesome? haha since there were lots of things that I could have never done in a co-ed school πŸ˜›
and the best of all, PE! club time!
I was in the basketball club and we had practice… everyday? totally exhausting but fun; and of course basketball during PE as well! I can’t play netball πŸ˜› as for now? I can’t play either! haha

and… for some reason, I was in the Police Cadet
it was so awesome! I cabut from the school before I could get my uniform geh!
back in my old school, Police Cadet is just for boys; and there’s no such thing as basketball

even though everything was so much fun, I didn’t do well when it comes to academic ehe~
I think… out of all students, I was ranked somewhere in the middle; which nearly gave me a heart attack! that was the worse result I’d ever had all my life!
competing with the best students from every part of Malaysia, I was nowhere near good; so I went back to my old school πŸ˜› – I didn’t regret it tbh, I think that was the best option (of course I went for tuitions after that like crazy to catch up again)

teachers whom have years and years of experience sure are different than new graduated teachers
I don’t mean in term of knowledge; but in their way of making the students understand things πŸ˜‰

I do sometimes wonder… if I didn’t cabut from the boarding school, how would I turn out to be?
but hey, I’m not doing too bad right now right? πŸ˜›

anyway, some photos either mine or taken from Husna Tajri’s album πŸ˜›
keep looking for the KL Tower and KLCC! πŸ˜›

I can’t go back there as I’m not an alumni πŸ˜›
I didn’t even graduated there

oh well, good ol times haha!
errr I really should continue with my coursework or I’m gonna be in deeeeeeeeep trouble!
I’ll be back somewhere mid March! πŸ˜‰

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  1. pengakhiran adalah lebih baik difikirkan dari bermula..
    kalau dapat bermula dgn sesuatu yg hebat, itu suatu yg bonus besar yg disertai dgn pegakhiran yg hebat juga. heheheh

    I have never been in border school…. tu pasal ler senget selalu dan lantun-lantun.. hahahah


  2. Omg, you are from Seseri? Hehe. I was an SSPian. No wonder the building looked familiar!! I echo with you on the scenery. It was like in a jungle albeit you may see the modernity of KL from the dormitories. Amazing place!! xx

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