Nasi Lemak!!!


I was craving for nasi lemak and it has been a while since I last really cook properly heee~
I think, only up to last semester that I cook food from scratch but it took too long (tumis does take some time, kan?)
I usually go for paste/sauce that they sell in the jar; easy to cook, less time to waste in the kitchen
so I was at lost on how the heck am I going to make the sambal since I don’t have the blender, and I can’t make sambal the way my sis usually do – blend onions + chili, add tomato, chilli sause

it would be boring to just use curry powder hehe so I asked my mom for some advice
and… it turned out pretty good 😛
not really sambal but… close enough? hehe

this is just for my record; I bet you guys do better than me that’s for sure!

Loyd Grossman Pasta Sauce Tomato & Chilli
Curry powder
Chilli powder
Coconut powder

I love Loyd Grossman’s sauce! The name is weird, but it’s not “gross” at all lol now I’m telling a pun? 😆
the sauce has all the things (tomato, parsley etc) in it so it’s not just plain boring red in colour 😛
I simply marinate the chicken with the pasta sauce + curry powder + chilli powder + salt and leave it for a while

next, just cook it!
put some oil, add in the marinated chicken and use medium fire (medium fire? that sounds so weird lol)
leave for a while and then add coconut milk, leave it to fully cooked
I was too hungry to wait for the sauce to thicken ehe~

how about the rice? of course everyone knows how to cook it HAH! 😛

p/s: if you’re wondering why I’m posting recipe malas, it’s simply because I have no new photos to update the blog with! ekekeke~ I’m having dalca telur tomorrow. That is one of my speciality lol
or if I’m up for it, might make spring rolls~
see how it goes lalala~

maybe I should post about how to survive with limited pocket money and still able to eat decent food next time 😛 haha

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  1. Hi Adila, thats a delicious nasi lemak. I think dua packets no problemos with me, ha ha.
    How you doin’?
    Hope this finds you well and having fun.
    Best regards. Lee…..keep a song in your heart.

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