This is Ferrari 250 GTO
old pictures hehe~
I’m miss driving around, speeding up and looking around if accidentally get caught for speeding lol

I wonder if model car is expensive here… hrmmm~
I’m hoping its affordable AHAHAHA!! I’m having my last gaji in next month or the month after that w00t! I need to hand in my gaji claim asap! I’m not working anymore for this semester
I just got the gaji from Dec not long before and after buying books and stuffs, it’s GONE!
*sigh* if only my gaji is in huge amount… hehehe~

it’s true when people say you know the true value of money when you work for it (you’ll become either boros or too stingy) 😆
… I’d rather have simple food as long as I could treat myself to Lego 😛
seriously… I’m becoming such a collector! :O

anyway, I was supposed to go out during the weekend; there were CNY events at Chinatown and Trafalgar Square but realising I have a lot of deadlines coming up, I ended up staying it (plus the weather was so gloomy!)
cis… if not I could update with the event photos!
hrmmm… I’ll see if there are any events during the weekend; or if I’m going out to central London just for a breather (not shopping since I’m broke!) 😛
but it’s more likely I’ll stay in since I’m freaking out with all these deadlines! *runs in a circle like mad*

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