Begedil wheeeeeee~


I’m totally not a good cook especially when it comes to main dishes hehe
but I do cook nearly everyday here, and… usually it’s edible unless I’m experimenting or mix things as I like LOL 😆

I was watching 2 days 1 night, a korean variety show where in the episode that I watched, episode 125, Seunggi was experimenting his cooking. I’m not sure what kind of dish that was, but pretty much he pour in way too much soy sauce, and add in honey etc etc I wonder how honey + soy sauce taste like hrmmmm

while watching, I was already like…. NOOOOOOOOOOO that’s too much! seriously!! I’ve done something similar to that and the taste is going to be… so deadly! 😆 Seunggiyaaaaaa stop that!!! please google up for the recipe!!

anyway, Kak Ct posted the recipe for begedil not long ago and I sort of feel like having it heeeee~
I sort of modify it a bit to suit what I have and.. here goes!
btw, this is just for my reference if I ever make it again ehehe~
it’s the most cincai way I could think of

What I used:
Instant mashed potato mix
Meat free vegetarian mince
Flour, Pepper, Salt, Water

I rarely eat potato here, so I go for instant mashed potato as I could store it for months. 1 pack of it; if it’s me alone, I think maybe it’s around.. 3-4 meals and the price is rather cheap as well. It’s easy to make, just pour in hot water (or milk), and a bit of salt. Add in a bit of butter as well if you want it to taste better 😉

I go for meat free mince because… it’s a hassle to cook real minced beef (it takes ages!) so I opted for meat free
I simply fry it with coarse black pepper and a bit of salt (I’d put it chilli powder, curry powder or chilli flakes if I feel like having it a bit more spicy haha – I don’t think it will taste weird)

Mix the mashed potato (after the water has been added) with the meat free mince and let it cool for an hour or two

Ready to deep fry it?
Make a ball like shape of the mashed potato, and cover the outer of it with flour
dip into eggs (beaten) and fry it
or you can choose not to dip into eggs. It still taste awesome with crispy outer 😉
it’s only that… it will look uglier AHAHAHA! 😛
I think.. I had like 10 of those begedil and an egg is more than enough

I didn’t use a lot of oil thus the squared looking shapes hehe

pardon the random combination of carrot sticks + begedil hehe
that was my breakfast + lunch + dinner all at once =.=
I went for something heavy since I didn’t have anything for the whole day apart from 2-3 mugs of coffee
I think I’m trying to kill myself here haha

p/s: not eating does not make people lose weight that easily 😛 I don’t eat simply because it’s a hassle to make something for myself heeeeee~ so I usually eat once a day or if I feel like it, I’d have something for breakfast as well

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  1. congratulation Adila…

    at least you have proven yourself that you can cook.. & willing to learn to do it…heheh

    utunglah hubby tu nanti.. ahaks..

    anyway.. banyak makan begedil pun boleh bikin tembam lorr.. hahahah

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