I feel like playing baseball… well, the wii game that is! 😛
it’s such a stress reliever! (not to mention the muscle ache the next day that would remain for a few days ouch ouch)
I’m not sure what happened to the place I’m staying at now; they’ve removed wii, tv and even the snack machine
that is so cheating! *sigh*

the shot above is just a test shot 😉
I haven’t got the background that I wanted yet 😛

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    • main ps sakit jari
      wii bessssss~
      tp sy pun xde la slalu main pun
      ala2 exercise tu

      dulu2 slalu main time stress hehe
      silap hari bln ada gak nak kena beli tv baru psl tercampak controller tu hihihihihihi

      • Yup, wii cam lagi best sbb byk accessories – senang sikit nak main. Tapi tak leh beli dulu sbb nanti depa tak bukak buku sekolah. PS2, Internet, Video dah ada..kalau tambah wii.. habis semua dapat F! tak dapat ikut jejak langkah kak dila belajar tinggi.. 😀

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