Jae Wonnaaaaaa~


it seems like I’m making it a habit to paint once a week πŸ˜†
not that I’m forcing myself to do it, it’s just that… I feel like doing it πŸ˜›
I still am struggling with giving life to the eyes and lips! and hair!
and this was my first try with teeth! it’s hard! urghhhh~

and that painting is supposed to be Kim Jae Won
he just got discharged from the army duty on the 24th

I was (YES WAS!) a fan of his adorable baby face πŸ˜› haha
seriously, can you even resist? lol his innocent acting in My Love Patzzi!
I totally feel like patting his head! haha
it would be nice if he would appear in Happy Together or even Star King! or We Got Married even though he’s too old for that kekeke~

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  1. Err…. seriously, anak bongsu kak tie terkejut tengok lukisan Adila ni, ekekeke….

    Try lukis gambar siapa tu, alaa… heroin citer FullHouse. Comel sangat.

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