Monday? *sigh*


during the weekend I was like… “When is Monday??!!”
I was bored out of my mind waiting for Monday – the weather were depressing here lol

and today! BAM! IT’S MONDAY!
I had a hard time getting out from my bed haha
good thing my classes started late in the afternoon šŸ˜›

I’m actually now counting days for the weekend AHAHAHA!!
A lot of things to be done within this week; catch up on classes/notes, need to start on assignments all those typical students stuff šŸ˜›
and and… less than a week before the exhibition I’m partly in!
to be honest, I haven’t even pick up the photos that I sent to develop yet! and I need to buy stuffs to mount my photos on; seen what I wanted but I wasn’t too sure if there are other shops would sell it cheaper haha

andddd I’m still working šŸ˜›
I was working during my previous semester (1st semester of my MSc programme) as a Teaching Assistant, TA

I think TA is called as Tutor in Malaysia, is it?
I was helping the 2nd year students in Software Engineering subject for 2 hours per week
what my work was about was to answer any questions they have, explaining stuffs and help them to get used to the programme for this module

for this semester, I only need to mark the students report, provide marks and feedback which I should start doing now or I’ll have trouble meeting with the deadline šŸ˜†

I was having the Monday blues earlier *downnnn*
I had some laugh just now and I’m back to myself wohooo!

alright! back to work! šŸ˜‰
4 days before the weekend! šŸ˜†

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